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  1. My doctor said that the Anti Gliadin IGA test no longer exists. Is this true?
  2. Can you call your Dr.'s office for an explanation? Wishing you the best on Friday!
  3. Hello! I made a post yesterday and I'm thinking it was too long or it didn't make sense becuase I have had 0 responses. Now I feel really silly for making such a detailed post. SORRY! However, I still need help. I don't know where else to go to get my question answered. So here goes again: Is it necessary to be tested for Anti Gliadin IGA when looking for gluten intolerance? (Is this test still given?) OR does the Immunoglobulin A, Serum and Tisssue Tranglutaminasa Ab, IgA tell enough? I would appreciate a response from ANYONE who knows about blood tests. THANK YOU!!!!!
  4. Hello! I'm new here and hope I am doing this right. I am seeking information from people who know about blood tests since I am having trouble getting a call back from my Dr.'s office. I am frustrated and tired of living with syptoms. I look normal and SOMETIMES feel normal. Often I feel abnormal and look just fine. It's frustrating because I will confide in a few family members and they are not supportive (I think it is because they don't understand so they don't know how to be supportive). Also, I look fine so it's as if they think I'm imagining these syptoms or making them up to get attention. Believe me, I'm not. I was tested for celiac disease in 2004. The following tests were taken by blood: Endomysial AB., IGA-NEGATIVE RESULT Gliadin AB IGG -NEGATIVE RESULT Anti Gliadin AB IGA STRONG POSITIVE RESULT Endoscopy- Normal With these results it was suggested a gluten free diet might help, but since I had read a lot about Celiac Disease I figured that I didn't have it so I didn't go on the diet. In 2005 I saw a new GI Doc. A second endoscopy came out normal and I had the following blood test: HLA-DQ2/HLA-DQ8 (Allelic varients assosiated with celiac disease were not detected). Present Day: I have had all sorts of different syptoms ranging from nerve pain, sensations, shortness of breath perceived weakness, (all intermittent) for about 6 months and for the past 2 months I have had lower abdominal pain and constipation (also intermittent) I have had normal MRI's and ultrasounds which please me, however,something is wrong and nobody can figure out what. My doctor decided to run the celiac panel since I was a strong positive for the Anti Gliadin AB IGA a few years ago. I got the results back from the lab yesterday. The tests that they ran were for: Immunoglobulin A, Serum-NEGATIVE and Tissue Transglutaminase AB, IGA-NEGATIVE My questions are: Since I obviously do not have Celiac Disease as proved by the HLA-DQ2/HLA-DQ8. Could I still have a non celiac gluten intolerance? Also, Did the Immunoglobulin A test take the place of the Anti Gliadin AB IGA test or is this a completely different test? Since the Anti Gliadin AB IGA was the only test that came out positive I am wondering if it could be a marker to a non celiac gluten sensitivity. Do they even run that test anymore (or did this particular lab not test for it because it needs to be ordered specifically)? In conclusion, I've been reading about food sensitivity and I was surprised to learn that they can cause the same types of symptoms that I am experiencing. I never even thought that food COULD do that. Since nothing else has been suggested,I feel like I'd like to try an elimination diet and start with gluten first. I can't seem to get any good advice so I am turning to the experts on this board who I'm sure have a lot of knowledge. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.
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