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  1. Take the cake is really good very sweet It has yellow cake flavored ice cream with frosting swirls and color sprinkles in it. Now if they can make this why can't they make the cookie dough without gluten?
  2. I live near Monterey and we ate there the Lettuce wraps are on the gluten free menu We had it all with lemon chicken, shrimp with lobster sauce.
  3. My daughter loves rice chex. I went on there site and found recipes that have the gluten free rice chex listed http://www.chex.com/Recipes/CategoryView.a...yId=447&t=5 I also wrote them to see if the had any plans for other to become gluten free this is what I got back from them. Dear Valued Consumer: Thank you for contacting General Mills regarding Rice Chex cereal. Rice Chex has been reformulated to insure that it does not include gluten-containing ingredients or have the possibility of cross contact with gluten containing ingredients or products. As with all reformulated products, both products may be on store shelves at the same time so consumers are encouraged to read labels/packaging carefully. Currently there are no immediate plans to introduced other gluten free cereals. There is a great deal of time and effort involved in developing our various products, promotions and cookbooks. We will be sure to share your thoughts with the appropriate individuals. We appreciate your loyalty and hope you will continue to choose our products. Sincerely, Allison Owen
  4. I live in the Monterey area. We now have A PF Changs here that has a gluten free menu. It is really good.
  5. Well there is not alot that you can eat there. Anything that is fried Is done in the same fryer. so all that is off limits. The machine for making fresh tortillas its pretty safe to assume they make both flour and corn tortillas on the same machine. I think the salsa that they put on the table is ok but you can't eat the chip that go with it. We just stay way from Chevy's and make our own so we know what is in it.
  6. I was looking on her "Marhta's " site where you would vote for the magazine and saw this about the winners
  7. I voted it only says Thank you for voting. but I just keep hitting the refresh and vote again. I don't know what % we are at it wont say that for some reason when I vote
  8. My daughter" 10 years old" who is the celiac in family Just loves the Chicken lettuce wraps she also love the flourless chocolate dome. The cake is very rich but she liked it.
  9. Oh no I always thought that the vanilla beans where free of gluten. Now I have to tell my daughter that she can't have it anymore.
  10. This fast food place has great fries my daughter loves them and they do not make any other fried foods just the french fries and burgers that is it. I think this place my be just a west coast place not so sure. But they are great. I even love it.
  11. My daughter loves PF Chang We first went to one when we went up to Stanford for more tests. Now they have one down here in Monterey I think It's great. The people there where very helpful with all our questions.
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