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  1. Have you tried Colostrum ? It is a miracle immune booster, it really helped my son with a strep infection (he cant have antibiotics due to a candida problem). Good luck.
  2. DH was just diagnosed Pre-diabetic, what on earth do I feed him ? Which flours are low glycemic index ? Are rice cakes really high glycemic ? Are there any books or other resourses for diabetic celiacs ? His blood test came back negative for celiac, by the way, but he was on a gluten-free diet when tested. He is ill whenever he eats it (starts as horrible stomach pains for a few days, then is depressed for a few more days). Also diagnosed negative to rheumatoid arthritis despite terrible pain is his wrists (causes him to drop things all the time) Mystery joint pain I guess, any of you have that problem or does it usually show up as arthritis ? Confused in many ways...
  3. My ingredients are: brown rice flour white rice flour cornstarch tapioca flour eggs brown rice syrup gelatin xanthan gum baking powder and canola oil oh, and rice milk
  4. I have been baking yeast free, gluten free, low-moderate(?) oxalate, casein free bread for our family. Everyone loves it... but now my DH has been diagnosed pre-diabetic, so I am worried the cornstarch (2/3 cup per small loaf) might be a problem for him. Anyone have any experience or knowledge on this ? The only substitute for cornstarch I can find is amaranth, but that is very high oxalate, which my son can't have, and potato starch isn't good for diabetics/candida either. ???
  5. Our household became gluten free for our son about 7 months ago (with a few accidents in the 1st couple of months). My son has thrived on the diet (he never tested positive, but he was gluten free for 2 months before testing, we tried the gluten challenge with disastrous results-explosive diarreah and vomit-so we gave up that idea) He did test positive for casein, so we are casein free as well, and he has oxalate and yeast-infection problems as well. My husband has had IBS-like symtoms for many years (15?) bloating, gas, stomach pain, constipation (and the opposite: he used to be on the toilet all the time), depression, arthritic-like problems, chronic headaches, blood in the stool, and rectal pain. Doctors (we used to live in England) mainly steered him towards IBS, and depression, no results there, CT scan showed nothing for bone pain. Anyhow, since the diet he has vastly improved, but still a bit of blood in the stool and rectal pain. When a care package from England arrived with all of his gluten-full favorite treats, he gorged himself for days, and then he was in so much pain he had to go to bed for a couple of days. So, finally he agrees gluten may be the culprit. So he requested a test at the doctor today, but how effective will it be on a gluten free diet ? He does drink beer (mostly every weekend and mostly micro-brewed ale), and still has the occasional sandwich, or burger at a Bar-B-Q... Do you think it is enough for a positive ? I am worried if it is negative he will keep drinking the ale, etc, and possibly damage his health further. His mother(64) has many stomach ailments, heart problems, osteosporis, and now; motor neurone disease. His parents are Irish, by the way, Father passed away 3 years ago. If he doesn't get a positive "Celiac" branding I wont be able to convince him to give up all gluten, especially if he gets diagnosed with something else (isn't it true that many things are related to celiac disease ?) Any advice or thoughts, or others with experience like this ? Thanks
  6. I read that Brag's unfiltered apple cider vinegar is actually good for fighting yeast infection, anyone have any experience with that ?
  7. Whole Foods market at 2210 Westlake Ave is pretty close to there, they have a lot of gluten-free stuff, the fresh bakery items are pretty good, a good variety, etc. Hope that helps
  8. Ok, this is a weird one, my 7 year old ( severe reaction too gluten & casein, waiting for test results for others): When he goes too bed he is stricken with extreme heat, complains & cries, takes all his clothes off, opens the window wide (it is 34 degrees out). His poor sister on the bottom bunk is freezing! When we check on him after he is asleep, he is drenched in sweat. During the day he is often very cold. He is 4'1" and 48lbs, so there isn't any fat to keep him warm. Anyone else experience night sweats, or know what the cause might be ?
  9. Good topic ! Anyone had any problems with the : "made in a facility/etc with wheat" food ? Afraid to try it ! I 'm assuming they have to state that, just in case... ??!!??
  10. Wow, it is great to see others with similar problems my Dad is having...He has had Lymes since the 70's (northern Californian mountains hippie)... Never had a positive test yet. All the symptoms you can name, including gluten intolerance (Severe villi damage, Dr said it was the worst he'd ever seen). He weighs about 140 lbs (6'2"tall) & eats constantly. The brain fog is terrible. And the pain. Nothing they give him works. Nobody seems to know what to do with him. He is now showing Parkinsons symptoms Iincreasing rapidly). He looks like a zombie, walks so slow and robot-like, finding it hard to keep his balance too. I think he has finally found a good Lymes Dr. I hope so. We are terrified! Lymes is a real epidemic in Mendocino County (and many other places too , I'm sure) My son (7) has now been diagnosed celiac, and probably has other intolerances... Life is challenging !
  11. I can totally relate ! My gluten/casein free son (age7, recently diagnosed) hardly eats anything. Now he cant have "real" milk, he doesn't want any milk. He does love the amond chocolate milk, you should try it, if you haven't yet. Almonds have tons of calcium in them so it is a great milk substitute. My son eats dry cereal (mesa sunrise) with a glass of chocolate almond milk for breakfast (and snack in the day). It is funny to see him with a bowl of dry cereal and a spoon ! For cheese we use Tofutti. They have a cream cheese (he likes it on toasted Ener-G corn loaf bread or tapioca burger buns), I am grateful for , since he doesn't like margarine, butter, jelly, etc. They also do slices...we like the mozzarella one, it has a decent texture. You should also try Real Foods corn thins. They are so bland, they couldn't offend anyone. They are basically just popped corn, sunflower oil,& salt, they kind of look like rice cakes, but are thinner & more appealing. One thing you could do is arrange for your son to have a playdate at someones house and have the friend offer new foods (obviosly pre-arrange by you), so he thinks it is new and exciting, not from Mommy ! I'm not sure, but I think Toffuti does a cottage cheese ? Tofutti doesnt have any milk proteins or lactose (unlike most lactose/dairy free stuff) If your son eats sauce on his pasta you could blend it with vegeatables, thats what I do. Good luck Anyone else have tips for such finnick eaters ? Thanks
  12. Taco sounds good ! For lunch I like to make a pizza variation with corn tortillas : put alittle margarine/butter in fry pan, a corn tortilla with pasta sauce, cheese, spinach,ham, etc, top with another corn tortilla & margarine, fry each side on medium (cover to keep tortillas from drying out too much) for a few minutes, & there you have it, quick& non boring !
  13. I dont know all the details but I know yeast can cause distended tummy... it is in lots of stuff, even gluten free items...vinegar....sugars etc... not a fun one ! Thinking of pursuing it myself ND recommended... Good luck !
  14. Hi, One tasty casein free product is tofutti, they do cream cheese-like products. Not a substitute for cheddar I know, but excellent on toasted items ! My gluten-free/CF child likes their slices on pizza too...( I recommend adding a bit of olive oil and salt, etc ), be warned it does have partially hygrogenated soy in it. There is also a weird powder product called " Cheddar Chreese Mix" by Roads End Organics that is good for pasta dishes.(it has garbanzo in it which adds substance)...Amazon has it if you cant locate it, make sure you get the gluten free variety, if you need to. There is a casein "peptide" test... Rice cheeses are horribly gritty..YEKK
  15. He has been gluten free for 2 1/2 months. We are seeing a naturopath. What exactly is a GI ? Melissa
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