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  1. My 15 year old son was diagnosed with gluten intolerance 8 years ago. Last spring he started eating wheat again and seems to be doing fine. Everyone tells me you will never outgrow it, but then why is he having no trouble. His original symptoms were severe abdominal cramps. After we started him on the diet, they went away. We also had to put him on a milk free diet at the same time. He eventually started having milk again after his system got better. I also have heard of teenagers from the age of 13 to about 16 or 17 going into remission, but then it comes back. Has anyone else experienced this? Can one ever outgrow it? NancyJ
  2. I was wondering if this could be a sign of gluten intolerance or celiac? My oldest son started feeling these things about 2 weeks after having influenza A one year ago. It was worse at first then the feelings left for about 2 months. Then they came back, but not as bad. We had MRI's done, ear, nose and throat doctor, blood work done, heart checked, talked to a neurologist and all came back with nothing wrong. The blood work done did not include testing for gluten. Three years ago I did have his blood tested for gluten and it came back as moderate. Whatever that really means. Our doctor suggested taking the results to an alergist to read, but that costed to much so we didn't do anything with the tests. We do have a younger son that had been diagnosed with gluten intolerance 7 years ago so I am familiar with the gluten free diet. I tried the diet on my older son, but he still felt those things even after 1 1/2 weeks on the diet. He has always had trouble with acid reflex and has a mild hiatle hernia(sp?). He is not small in size and doesn't appear to have any physical characteristics of celiac disease. My other question is how long should I keep him on the diet to see any actual changes in his headaches or lightheadedness? When he was on the diet, he got a pretty bad headache so we thought it wasn't the gluten doing it to him. Any suggestions or comments would be helpful. NancyJ
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