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  1. Don't let them get away with it. Go back or at least call the manager and tell him what happened. It's only by educating people that things will change. There are a lot of gluten free folks in the U.S. and we should have some marketing power over the food industry!
  2. Sounds good. I used 1/2 Bob's Red Mills all purpose flour to palm oil but didn't chill it beforehand. I used the food mixer and did not use egg to bind as I have tried with more success previously( but with ghee- not sure I should eat it though). Is this where I went wrong? Many thanks. Gwen
  3. I have been using Spectrum shortening as a substitute for margerine on my gluten, dairy, soy free diet as there do not appear to be any butter alternatives here in the U.S. I tried baking pastry but it didn't work so well as I just used a gluten-free flour mix (Bob's), and shortening as I would have done in the days before I knew better. It was so wet that it was like pressing wet clay into the pastry tin even though I added no water or egg to bind. It also tasted rather oily. But I am sure there's a way to use it with more success. Anyone got any experience baking with palm oil as shortening or other recipe for baking gluten-free, DF, SF pastry? It's a tall order but hey it's worth trying with holiday season coming on.
  4. I got accidentally glutenned one time and thought I'd make myself some comforting pancake mix, not pamelas but Bob's Red Mills. My stomach pain/gas was greatly worsened and did not know why that would be but there after I avoided mixes for a while with Tapioca in and was fine. I can now tolerate it in breads and flours except when I have been glutened. Seems like I just need to go easy on everything when my body is under a gluten attack.
  5. Yes barley is definately off limits but as far as I know (ha, ha) scotch whiskey is supposedly ok like other grain alcohols because of the distillation process. There may be some possibility of grain being added back to maintain the colour in blended whiskeys but aged blends ie or single malts were supposed to be safe. Anybody know anything different? which brands are ok?
  6. I agree. Some products seem ok but just don't work out for you. My mother can tolerate Rice Dream milk, I can't. She reacts to the bread my grandmother gets on prescription. I'm not going to try it. I buy gluten free, wheat free stuff as far as I know!
  7. It was scotch whiskey, single malt. I assumed that all distilled spirits were safe but use a single malt just to be safe after reading a couple of threads about slight possibility of grain being added back to the spirit in some blended scotch. I'm fine with gin or vodka but not so sure about the whiskey I don't really like sodas much except ginger ale. I had the Santa Cruz organic ginger ale. I doubt there could be anything in it. I'm racking my brain (albeit somewhat foggy still) but the onlly other culprit was Citrical calcium supplement. No gluten ingredients listed but ? Feeling better today anyway. thanks
  8. I've noticed that many sodas have 'natural flavors' in the list of ingredients. Are there any to avoid ? I don't drink many sodas unless they go in a cocktail but have wondered about ingredients. Just got glutened last night and have little clue how
  9. I totally agree. When will the marketing execs realise that 1% of the population is a sizeable market segment, who are not buying these products and therefore the food companies are loosing money?
  10. Like the quote. Totally agree with all thats been said on this thread. Things do get better honest gfgirl. I've been pretty strict since January and am now feeling about 75-90% better. I've had few bad days and only occasional cc incidents which seem to take less time now to heal afterwards. I still can't tolerate dairy, soy, tapioca but carraggeenan does not bother me like it used to. All the same I now eat mainly fresh, simple home cooked foods. salads and fresh fruit are fine for me now also, which is just as well as it is often all I can eat when we go to a restaurant - steak or fish with salad and I bring my own home made dressing. It's hardly worth paying to eat out when I can have better food at home! It does get better but you may feel worse for some time. Just believe that you will get better and it is worth it! I now feel super energetic some days, like I did when I was a lot younger and people have even said that I look younger! Perhaps it is because the fat has filled back into my face and I don't look so gaunt and tired. I take multivits (gluten-free,sf, df), omega 3 tabs, and a sublingual B12 which helped boost my energy enormously. I get tired if I forget to take it for few days and I did go egg light for a few months (no mayo ) but am ok with eggs now. Good luck. Chin up!
  11. Trader Joes lists the rice milk on their "No Gluten ingredients used" list on their website but I haven't tried it yet, so don't know if it contains soy lecethin.
  12. Have been using the Wholefoods own 365 brand and am fine even though it does have carrageenan in it. Not sure if I'm sensitive to it anymore. I have slept much better anyway. My mother is using Rice Dream in the UK (also celiac and not healing as fast as I have) and although they don't list it as gluten-free but actually declare may contain traces of barley. She seems to think she doesn't have a problem with it. I wonder if it just builds up in your system gradually making you sick?
  13. Thanks for such a swift reply. I will switch milks. I can't beleive they're allowed to say gluten-free and not mention the barley enzymes on the ingredient. That's just not fair. No wonder I have been lying awake feeling queazy for the last week or so. They only change I made was to Rice dream instead of almond milk/hempmilk. I avoided Pacific foods because I wasn't sure it was gluten-free/SF. I expect the Rice Dream was just building up in my body. It really is a minefield all this labelling stuff. Thanks again.
  14. Rice Dream rice milk used to use barley enzymes in the processing. It is now labelled as gluten-free but is it really? Just had a bad reaction to something and wondered if it was that or the chocolate I had last night - it said may contain milk and soy traces but I thought that I'd be ok. Bit cross because I've been sooo much better for the last few months. I only wondered about the Rice Dream after reading an article in the last Celiac.com newsletter. Anyone know about Rice Dream or other rice milk ingredients?
  15. Yes. I accidentally bought Mirin (a sweet rice vinegar and often used in dressing the seaweed and many other dishes) and when I looked again most brands of Mirin contained wheat.
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