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  1. Just a heads up for all those desperate pizza lovers. My husband and I have been glutened twice now by Pizza Pizza in London Ontario. One location that we first stated going to was great but since then we have gone to two other stores and both times we were glutened and are still paying. I really think that it depends on which person you have preparing the pizza and how much care they are taking. It is too bad but Pizza Pizza is off out list.
  2. Hi When I went gluten free the first time things went really well right off the bat... but then I got a negative test and started having wheat again for 2 weeks. That's when things went really bad. It seems that I reacted way worse than before and the reactions lasted for at least 2 weeks before I started improvement again. If you have been glutened 3 times then you may be really setting yourself off. The other thing I found was that anything that is hard to digest while I am recovering from being glutened results in the bathroom issues. I have a hard time with any gluten free flours that are derived of foods I don't usually eat (chickpea, amaranth, almond, millet). I have a hard time with nuts, fatty foods and even some raw vegetables and even apples! I was already lactose free before figuring out the gluten thing (it was one of my first symptoms but didn't know it at the time). I would start off with a really basic boring easy to digest diet. Like chicken, rice cooked veggies, bananas and work up from there. I found that alot of the prepackaged gluten free foods were hard to digest. Go slow and then you will find that you can add in things over time. It will get better. I really hate to get glutened now as it takes so long to get back on track with eating normal foods again. I still can't eat peanut butter but I could have almonds until the last glutening which was about 3 weeks ago. Good luck, you just have to heal!
  3. Some celiac people only show one symptom and it may be as simple as anemia... actually that is really not simple but you see what I mean. You don't have to have all the symptoms to be celiac. Some people show no symptoms and only find out because a family member has it and they get tested too. I would try to stay eating gluten and get the blood test done instead of going off and then going back on again because it really is hard on the system... believe me. After being gluten free the symptoms are far worse than before for some reason. Good luck
  4. Hi You have not mentioned how long you went gluten free for or how severe your symptoms were. I had relief, or lessening of symptoms right away but I still had symptoms for a good two weeks to a month and still would have the odd issue after that. I found that there were many foods that I could not digest right away. So foods had to be really simple with very low fat, no grains other than rice, and no hard to digest vegetables, no nuts or beans, no apples....no fun really. Things have gotten much better and my diet has started to grow again. I had been lactose intolerant for a while but obviously no lactose either. It seemed that my body really need time to heal. My numbers were as low as yours and it was explained to me that it was like being pregnant. you are not just a little pregnant or borderline pregnant. I would keep going to see how long it takes and keep things really simple for a while. Like a long while Good luck
  5. Hi I was reading some early posts and people were talking about the celiac look and that anyone with undiagnosed celiac's never wanted to look in a mirror. It totally had alot to do with low iron for me. I looked awful. My skin was very blotchy and had sort of break outs and then dark eyes. It seemed to go downhill fast until I figured out what was going on. It has taken about a month to get myself looking relatively normal again. It will happen.
  6. Hi I actually figured out that I had become lactose intolerant before I figured out that I was celiac. Try cutting dairy out of your diet. Apparently the our bodies produce the enzymes to digest milk at the very tips of the villi so that is one of the first symptoms of celiac. I actually seemed to be getting better a couple years ago by just cutting out milk but then things gradually started getting worse and I knew that it was more than just milk. The bonus is that over time the villi heal and you should be able to have milk again... like in 6 months. I really can't wait so that I can re-open up to more foods. No wheat and no dairy is pretty restrictive. Good luck.
  7. Hello I have recently been "sort of diagnosed with celiac" (it will be months and months until I can see a GI and both my GP and myself have decided that I can't stay eating wheat until then. Right now I have low iron and menorrhagia. My doctor would like me to take iron supplements however they are making me feel worse (big D and such). Can it better on it's own? I eating more meat and trying to eat as much green leafy veggies as I can. They say that Vitamin K a fat soluble vitamin aids in helping with this problem. Have any others had success in returning to regular iron levels without supplements?
  8. Hi I have just been on the celiac, gluten free false negative roller coaster. I was having similar problems as you combined with a skin rash and things were just getting worse and worse. Went to the doctor and got a blood test. While waiting for results I went gluten free. This was a month as the test was over Christmas. I felt so much better right away. When I got the results I was shocked. So I went back to eating wheat for two weeks. The symptoms came back right way but worse. I have been gluten free for two weeks now and just starting to feel better again. If you can get tested while you challenge yourself then do so but you will not want to be on gluten for long, especially after feeling better. I still can't believe that the answer is so simple (yet really hard to do). I have a feeling that all the "stats" on celiac disease are really old done before they realized that everyone show s the symptoms differently and at different stages. I definitely had a trigger, either pregnancy or gall bladder surgery. Since then I have been lactose intolerant and never understood how I could just become lactose intolerant. Anyways, even my GP after hearing all my problems and looking at all my nutrient deficiencies has supported me going gluten free. Which is all I needed to feel that I was going down the right path. Your body will tell you if you need to cut wheat out or not all you have to do is listen.
  9. I am glad to hear that you have found an answer! I actually have been dairy free/ casein free for almost 4 years and that has not re-entered my diet in the least. It just seems that I am unable to eat anything that I could before. Even since 2 weeks ago before I did the gluten challenge for 2 weeks. I feel even worse than I did before! Anyways, I guess that I will have to just go easy on myself and then try to add things back. No fun... it seemed like such an easy solution before and seemed to be working. I wish I had not done the challenge! Thanks for listening
  10. Thanks for all the positive advice. I really am starting to doubt myself! I have to go see my doctor tomorrow was all geared up to tell her "what was going on with me" Now I am not near so confident and not so sure that being gluten free is the key. I am going to stick with it and not complicate things with other gluten free products. It's crazy though I had a really plan dinner and my gut is totally re-acting. Still What kind of protein are you taking?
  11. I have a similar type of acne that runs along the side of my face at my hairline and into my scalp. It looks a bit like acne but lasts for months. It started to get better after about of month of going gluten-free. I had never had it until about a year ago when my symptoms really started. Now that I did a challenge it is back I think that it will eventually go away.
  12. Before Christmas I decided to try going gluten free after having suffured for the past year or more with a list of symptoms that seemed to match exactly those listed for celiac. I had had my gall bladder out 4 years ago after having my second child... became lactose intolerant soon after and then proceeded to get worse and worse until I could not stand the symptoms... and the smell anymore. It seemed that I was becoming more and more sensitive to more and more foods. I had my doctor do the celiac blood test (she only did two of the tests). After giving blood I went gluten free for a month before hearing my results. For the month I felt much better and the gas and issues went away for the most part as long as I didn't eat dairy, or beans. My energy levels came back up too. Of course I got my blood tests back and they were negative. I decided to eat wheat again just to see. The symptoms came back immediately. So after 2 weeks I have gone back to gluten free. This time I am trying more gluten free foods. The problem is that I am still very sensitive to fat. Even more so. I made gluten free brownies last night with 3/4cup of margarine in them and I was in pain and extremely gaseous and odourous. I have been gluten free for almost a week and I feel like I am worse than before. Does anyone else have this problem. Does it go away. I am totally barking up the wrong tree? I am starting to doubt myself. Even my skin rash is getting worse. I have been very careful to be totally gluten-free too, however I have two young children that eat alot of bread and I am handling it quite a bit. My hands are raw from washing them so often. I am sending a sample off to enterolab... but in the mean time I am afraid to eat anything. I feel like I am killing my family with gas. My doctor has suggested IBS and the appointment with a GI is going to be SET in JUNE!!! It probably won't be until August. Where do I go from here... will this get better. Sorry for all the wining it has just been a particularly bad night.
  13. Hello I am not expert but from what I have read on here, there are lots of people that have had similar things happen. The blood test are not perfect. Some sites they are are 92% effective but if you look on the enterolab site they discuss it furthur and it looks like depending on the person then the results can be as 30% accuracy. I had negative blood test but a positive response to the diet. Did a gluten challenge for 2 weeks and know that I have a problem with gluten. I am supposed to go see a GI but that will take half a year. I am not waiting to go gluten free. They say that the biopsy is the "gold standard"... not the blood test. Good luck
  14. I have not had the problem but until you are healed you could be experienceing issues with lactose as well. Just a thought. When I had my first son I ended up with thrush ( yeast infection of the breast) it was awful and made breast feeding very painful. I ended up trying an alternative remedy after 5 months of problems. The thrush was better in a day and gone within two. You can usually find it at a health food store and it was recommended by a doctor in Toronto Canada that specializes in lactation and issues there. Anyways, it is grapefruit seed extract. The bottle I got was called yeast busters and I would highly recommend it. Note it is NOT grape seed extract... grapefruit seed extract is the one. I took it while nursing and it is considered very safe. Good luck
  15. Hi again My comments are from work experience and personal experience. I am not sure where you can read about this but I will look into it. I used to work for the Ontario government as a specialist in integrated pest management. So I worked with Traditional farmers, ecological farmers and organic farmers to find when pests would actually be in their fields. I have my masters in weed science and had many years training in agronomy. Currently, I work part time for a government agency that is involved in the registration of new products for use on crops. There are certain foods that I would rather consume that are organic and others that I would rather that they were grown by ecological farming practices over organic. OFten times organic also has "organic pesticides " sprayed on them as well. They are minerals such as sulfur and copper or naturally produced pesticides. Just because a plant produces the pesticide does not mean that it does have human toxicity. Wheat is really not being sprayed often enough for there to be pesticide residues. If they spray it you want it to be sprayed as opposed to consuming grain infected with fusarium (which produces the DON toxin) This is a site that helps predict when a Fusarium outbreak might occur http://www.weatherinnovations.com/DONcast.cfm and here is a site that discussed DON http://www.ag.ndsu.edu/pubs/plantsci/pests/pp1302w.htm Hope this helps
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