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  1. I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago after YEARS of searching for answers. I witnessed my parents go thru all I did. They have been dead for 8 years and they never knew. Now I know that all of their flatulence, belching, etc. were Celiac symptoms...poor dears. Now I suffer at age 60 from the same. The difference is I now know the reason...in addition to Celiac I have immune antibodies to soy, dairy, casein and eggs! I just want to know, how long until all the gurggling stops?? I hate it. It's so loud that my lap dog barks at it and runs to the front door. Can anyone tell me how they handle this? Are there any remedies? And, how long till the villi heal?
  2. Hello Analisa:( Scary, yes? I, too, have the same problem whenever I eat anything containing sugar. My mom was a diabetic and both of my parents were Celiacs! I only know this cause I inherited two sets of genes. I think just generally we are already so immune suppressed that even any sugar causes our hearts to work overtime...in addition to keeping a body going with celiac disease. I am envious of others who can eat sugar...just feels like one more thing I can't eat. But I do try to listen to my body. I had Trader Joe's Gluten Free Ginger Snap cookies Sunday and Monday night and got REALLY sick....heart pounding, flopping like a fish out of water. Then terrible sinus infection....I also think some system candida thing is going on. Okay, so bottom line....stay away from the sugar and journal your heart for a week...Good luck and thanks for posting this, cause I've been scared just like you. :)
  3. Hello Roxie:) The nightshade plants have long been touted as causing arthritis....eggplant, peppers, white potatoes, tomatoes. Yes tomato sauce may be good (vit C) for some, but hard on arthritis suffers. No, sweet potatoes are not considered nightshade plant. They were actually mislabeled by an explorer (forgotten his name). The lighter ones are best because of lower sugar content. Sugar is such a damaging "food" for Celiacs. I read that the United States never had wheat before the explorers landed. This is corn country. I have stopped all nightshade plants and my arthritic symptoms have grately improved. I miss them, but I don't miss the joint pain, back pain, neck pain, even my big toes, ouch....all gone. Good luck:)
  4. Hello Rachel:) I too experienced the problems you discuss...what I have found out is it's not corn, but systemic candida....the sugar in corn feeds the candida. Basically if you avoid sugar, then you should be able to eat corn. I had a antibody test performed and discovered immune antibodies to casein, soy and eggs. I was diagnosed Celiac sprue 2 weeks ago after a LONG 20 years of suffering from terrible symptoms. There are excellent Yeast Cleanse products in the health food store. I take Solary and have noticed considerable relief, FINALLY. I removed sugar. That's a must. Good luck.
  5. Does anyone know of a GOOD doctor in Glendale, CA?? I have been to more quacks than ever imagined, from HMOs to out-of-pocket docs...I finally ordered all lab tests on my own and am waiting for package to come in the mail. I have cut out the middle-man (doctor) in that regard, but would still like a GOOD one to help me on my lone journey....I am doctor, patient, nutritionist and insurance company (payer) and this disease is in the ring with me, how the heck am I gonna get through this? My dad had ALL the symptoms I have and he was never diagnosed and died in his 70's from colon cancer...poor man, so much suffering. thank you for listening, really gotta get this out somehow, because don't have a friend in sight that is going thru any of this strife.
  6. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! This is WONDERFUL information. :)
  7. I found a site that has really answered all of my questions EXCEPT for the gluten-free diet bodily changes that aren't good, so far. Anyway the Web page is www.enterolab.com/StaticPages/Faq_ResultInterpretation.htm if that pathway doesn't work...just go on their Web page and gp tp FAQ Result Interpretation This is quite amazing. Still, if anyone can give me insight into my many new symptoms since I have been on the gluten-free diet for 3 weeks now....I'd sure appreciate hearing about others' illnesses. All I read about are the "happy ever after" people and this makes me sad and thinking that I am not going to be healed and that I am one who has had it too long....I am 60. My father had all the same symptoms and was never diagnosed. He died of colon cancer. I am waiting for the lab items and am on my own going to take them and will post my results (takes up to 3 weeks) as soon as I have REAL information. Till then, please tell me I am not going crazy.
  8. THANK YOU for putting your experience down. What a relief to read my story almost verbatim...here is a place where we are free to be Swans. You are not a burden, ever. I tell my husband here and there, too and even asked him if he'll leave me now that I am in this disease and struggling with diet and post gluten-free diet and LARGE array of subsequent symptoms. I too am very confused and unable to find information as to HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE to not be sick with a laundry list of illnesses? Many left and now several new ones are here....I feeling like my body is spewing out MORE toxins than ever, my anxiety talking. I too would LOVE to hear what is "normal." thank you again. struggling post gluten-free-diet just like you in CA
  9. I was very happy after I started gluten-free diet and noticed marked improvement in many symptoms, however, as time (second week) went by I started getting things I've never gotten before and wonder if anyone else has had this experience. I now have a cold sore (haven't had one in many years), had skin/blister-type break-outs also, a few days with bad headache..anxiety showing it's ugly head, again (but not as bad). Does anyone know about this? Is this normal. Please reply. am waiting for lab items to come and will have definitive description after findings till then, self-diagnosed (my history and watching my dad) Celiac and worried in California
  10. I keep searching the Web for someone like me.....I have changed my diet after MUCH research on the Web and TOO many doctors to count....no one with any type of diagnosis that helped....just kept throwing anti-depressants at me and a weak diagnosis of CFIDS. So long story short, I started a gluten-free diet about 3 weeks ago and although in some regards feel better, still lots of exhaustion, feverish, and stomach pain, but no major symptoms like before, i.e., stomach bloating, foul gas, diarrhea, etc. My question is this, HOW LONG till this stage passes? Is there anyone out there like me who believes or knows they found out in the latter stages? I know I have suffered for years and that my father definitely suffered exactly as I do. He eventually died of colon cancer. My fear is that I am too far gone to recover. Are there things I can do to help the healing process? I am skin and bones. thank you. help. :0
  11. I have gone to a lot of doctors and on my own have discovered excluding gluten from my diet has radically changed all of Celiac symptoms. I've read that I would have to go back on gluten in order to take a lab test. That's crazy. I wouldn't do that! I liken that to telling a child it's okay to play on the freeway. It's not my fault the medical community doesn't have a good test. How come they are able to test hair for drugs, etc., but can't do something that simple for gluten? Okay, here is my main question. I understand that DNA testing does not confirm Celiac only "rules it out." That's okay with me. I watched my father go through (never diagnosed) ALL of my same symptoms and then die of colon cancer. Incredibly sad. I am 60 years old and JUST discovered on my own what has been going on in my body forever. I see so many chats that unable to get positive blood tests or endoscopy findings. I understand this can happen no matter what level of gluten protein is in my blood....pardon the expression, but it's a crap shoot. I'd like to know how to get DNA testing...is it expensive? Thank you. Discovery in La Crescenta, CA
  12. Thank you for this information....I never thought, duh, of keeping a journal. I will start today.
  13. Hello eleep: sure identify about the Ativan. Immediately after I began it, ALL gas, bloating, anxiety went away. Was on it for 2 years, very small dose in a.m., so that I could have a somewhat "normal" morning. For the past 2 months have been reducing dose (under psychiatrist's watch) and it has been one of the hardest things I've ever done. The good news is, if you find yourself in this position - quitting can be done, just gotta stick with all the awful withdrawal. Now I have more empathy for those in similar boats. I was only able to stop Ativan once I discovered I had Celiac disease. I went to a lot of doctors and no one diagnosed....went on the Web and found I had 95% of the symptoms, started the diet, had lots of errors because of unknows, e.g., cross-contamination and failure to disclose on labels....but am truly amazed at how much anxiety and gluten are related. I can totally understand my poor body screaming out for help because it I was being poisoned by gluten. What's a body to do? Thank you for this wonderful chat, it has helped me a lot.
  14. HELLO Doll THANKS LOADS for bringing up the anxiety attacks and gluten. It feels like I've landed in the right place. I have been receiving psychiatric treatment for YEARS. Now I realize I have been being treated backwards, not being treated for the core disease, Celiac. I noticed the anxiety was associated with eating, too. Your response makes me feel sane. I especially have high anxiety right before and after a bowel movement. Then thanks to your posting I now realize that it only happens when I have inadvertently eaten gluten (something usually discover after eating cross-contamination). Thanks to your posting, I have been able to put those two pieces of my puzzle together. Now when that happens, I dig around and am able to find out the gluten source. I can't thank you enough. All this time I just thought I was crazy. I can't thank you enough. I am still looking for the Web medical finding about how Immodium and Lomitil exacerbate Celiac symptoms....I can't remember the particulars, just that it was a red flag for me to discontinue. Also, I now take 25 mg of Xanax after b. m. anxiety attack. Amazingingly good - stops all anxiety in its track.
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