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  1. I just had the celiac panel done on March 4, and got the results back March 12 (today). However, my allergist said he had "rushed" the results, so it might have taken even longer in some places.
  2. I just got my blood test back (over the phone so I don't have exact numbers). My allergist says the test is negative, but my Igt is high. He recommends an intestinal biopsy, which I've already got scheduled as well as a colonoscopy. Does anybody know what Igt is, and what it means to be high? I saw a gastrointestinal doctor, and he put me on prilosec and said I may have crones disease and/or celiac. I've also already had two other tests done on my gallblader, and the ultrasound was negative and I haven't heard back from the other scan. I'm not really sure what all these tests mean. Thanks! Edit: I believe he said my: Anti-tissue transglutaminase antibodies (tTG) - IgA were high.
  3. I haven't started the gluten-free diet, because I want to see how the blood tests work out. If I am still eating gluten, do I need to eat more before I get testing? I've read some post that say four slices of wheat bread every day for two weeks? That seems like a lot...
  4. I am farther behind in the testing than you are (I'm going to get my blood test soon), so I'm not incredible knowledgeable about the testing, but I've read post of people who got negative biopsy and still benefited greatly from the gluten/dairy free diet. Take a look at the topic entitled "Maybe I Am Just A Hypochondriac?" (It's three pages back in this forum) I'm not really nervous, but I'm really action-oriented and I always feel better when I've got a written plan: 1. Food diary (to notice trends in what makes me sick and what doesn't) 2. Doctor's visit in a month: Blood tests and evaluate food diary (don't know how this will go) 2. Over the summer, elimination diet (I'm a college student, and can't do this diet at my dorm) Elimination diets basically involve eating only non-allergenic foods for a week to cleanse your system, and then introducing possible allergens every once in a while. If you get sick, there's your answer. I'm really interested to see how gluten and dairy affect me. If you are really nervous about the biopsy, you could try an elimination diet or gluten/dairy free diet for a while instead to see if it helps. Most people on the forums seem to get better after a week or two, or even a couple of days.
  5. I feel the same way. About 4 years ago, I became really scatterbrained, lost short-term memory, brain fog, and lost a lot of weight. My doctor just told me I was anorexic/hypochondriac, but now I've decided to get help. If you've had a sudden change in your mental state, something must have happened. If the gluten test/diet doesn't work out, then keep trying to find answers!! Don't give up until you feel like yourself again. Have you talked to someone about any hormonal problems? I used to have horrible hormonal swings until I got on the pill. Keep trying - I know you'll find the answer!
  6. So are mental fog, OCD behavior, and forgetfulness possible symptoms? I have those same things, and I'm going to get tested in March. Does anybody else have these type of mental symptoms and have had a gluten free diet work for them? Good luck!!!
  7. I am 20 years old, and I am wondering whether I should be tested for gluten intolerance. Three and a half years ago, I moved to a new school and was very stressed. I lost a lot of weight and have not been able to gain any of it back, except when I was put on birth control. No matter how much I eat, I still cannot gain. Recently, I have been having a lot of lower GI problems, and nausea. I've heard that this disease can pop up under stressful conditions, even when you have had no problems before. Sometimes when I eat foods instead of feeling better, I feel worse (dizzy, nausea). My parents and my doctors think that I'm just exaggerating and I need to eat more, but it is just getting worse, particularly the dizziness and joint pain. I think I am malnourished, but it is very difficult to eat sometimes when I get so sick. I just can't handle sometimes feeling good, and sometimes not after I eat. Do these sound like symptoms of Celiac disease (or something else)? If so, what kind of tests should I get? I almost never get sick when I eat meat, eggs, beans, etc. and I always feel better after drinking the gluten free Ensure weight gaining milkshake. Thanks!!
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