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  1. I used to bring a bit of my own gluten-free cracker in my purse, or if I forgot, I would just take the wine and not the bread. But currently our church is making the move to using gluten-free bread for everyone--they just buy a couple of loaves, which can be cut into small pieces and it provides for many people. They also went through the cupboards and thoroughly cleaned the communion plates, etc. so that everything is starting out fresh and clean. And they're in the process of educating anyone who might volunteer to set up the communion, so that if they slice it at home, they will use a clean plate, hands, etc. in order to prevent cross contamination. It all still makes me nervous, but they truly are making a serious attempt at keeping everything clean.
  2. Yes, I use the word "allergy" too. Or "I am allergic and can get very sick." ALLERGY is a word that helps people understand the seriousness of my situation, and even though "allergy" is not the truth of it, it does more easily get the message across to food servers. And lately I've even been using it in restaurants that have an official gluten free menu, since a lot of non-celiacs now use the gluten free menu. I have found that even today, a lot of people don't know what "celiac" is until I explain it to them. OHHHH, you mean "gluten free"!
  3. I just returned from Gulf Shores/Orange Beach, Alabama and wanted to mention grocery stores there. A new Publix grocery has just been built in Orange Beach, in the shopping center at the intersection of Perdido Beach Blvd (Rte. 182) and Rte. 161 (Orange Beach Blvd). It doesn't have a natural food section; instead, items are on the same aisle as the other food. BUT each aisle has a special place for the "natural" organic/diet/etc. foods, so it's easy to find. And there is a LARGE variety to choose from. Prices were pretty high, but at least it is there. The only other store I went into was the Piggly Wiggley, and they had a little bit of gluten-free food, intermingled. Restaurants with definite gluten-free menus: Outback Steakhouse in Foley, and Longhorn Steakhouse in Gulf Shores. Foley has lots and lots and lots of other restaurants, many of them chains, both inexpensive and higher-end.
  4. Here are things I use in an emergency: Thai Kitchen rice noodle soup bowls and noodle carts are done in a minute or two Thai Kitchen "meals" such as Stir Fry Rice Noodles with Seasoning: "Done in 15 minutes" -- I add a can of chicken (comes in a can like tuna) to it can of soup, such as Progresso's Chicken & Wild Rice can of Dinty Moore stew Hormel's Compleats: chicken & rice Our George Foreman grill has been wonderful, too. We quickly make hot dogs, hamburgers, or grilled chicken on it.
  5. So sorry, I didn't mean that the raw meat can go into the crockpot frozen; I meant that after the taco chicken is cooked and done, you can freeze it in packages for a quick meal (if you have any left over!)
  6. I just had to share a fantastic recipe with you folks; it makes a fantastic taco: Chicken Taco Filling (from CDkitchen. com) 2 pkts. taco seasoning (Chi-Chi, Old El Paso--or make your own) 2 C. chicken broth (Swanson) 3 lb. bag of boneless skinless chicken breasts taco shells (Old El Paso, Ortega, Food Club) OR tortillas (Food for Life gluten-free tortillas OR Corn: Mission, Manny's, Que Pasa, San Carlos) Dissolve seasoning into the broth. Put chicken in the crockpot and pour the broth on top. Cook LOW for 6-8 hours. With 2 forks, shred the chicken. Pour some of the crockpot broth onto it too. Use in tacos or tortillas. This meat can be frozen also. Make-your-own taco seasoning: Bill at allrecipes. com has a recipe that 832 people really like! Taco Seasoning--equals 1 pkt. store-bought 1 T. chili powder 1/4 tsp. garlic powder 1/4 tsp. onion powder 1/4 tsp. crushed red pepper flakes 1/4 tsp. dried oregano 1/2 tsp. paprika 1 1/2 tsp. ground cumin 1 tsp. salt 1 tsp. pepper
  7. So sorry--I misspelled the one product. It is called Titralac Plus.
  8. Just wanted to let you know that I called some of the companies to see if their things were gluten-free. I got glutened for the first time, and I was having a horrible time of gas causing knife-like chest pain, and I simply couldn't get rid of it. My system just kept making more and more (7 days) and I did not know how to lighten the load a little bit! So I went to Walmart and just started picking up one item after the other and calling the companies. Most of the time, I got a nice young girl who was most likely sitting far away in a foreign country. Here are some of the results: Gas-X: she had no information on it, and promised to forward my inquiry to someone else in the company who might know. She will call me back (that was 3 days ago). Rolaids: softchews has gluten. Multi-symptom doesn't, but the possibility of cross contamination is there. Maalox: all of it has gluten except for " ____ stomach relief" I asked her 3 times to repeat what she was saying, but I really couldn't understand her. Tritralac Plus: I never heard of this little product, but I got an American, and he told me it was gluten-free. When I asked how he knew, he said his information has long explanations of evidence of why it's gluten-free, such as "it has starch, but the starch is from a corn source." So I feel that it is pretty safe. This product has both the ingredient that Tums has, and then also the simethicone ingredient that gas-x does. This didn't cure me (!) but it did cut down the chest pain by helping the burps to come up and out. I am so glad! I wanted to share this info, in case someone else has this trouble too!
  9. A friend whose daughter is newly diagnosed says that if you don't put dishes in the dishwasher but wash them by hand, you need to put bleach on them, which will "denature" the gluten, which means the protein is broken down. This makes her happily use anyone's anything, as long as it has been bleached. It also causes her to spend a lot of time bleaching everything that can't fit in her dishwasher. I have never heard of such a thing, and can find no info on it; doesn't sound right to me. But she insists, because the person who told her so is someone "in the know" and who sells gluten free mixes. Anyone heard of this??
  10. After taking gluten out of my diet, I was able to realize that CORN makes me dead-dog sleepy. So I'm avoiding that right now, although I don't seem to notice it when I get small amounts, such as in xanthan gum. But if I should have some corn chips or a corn tortilla, it zonks me out.
  11. I just saw a commercial for the big salads at Wendys (such as Mandarin) and they say the meat is now going to be served hot instead of cold. I assume this greatly increases the possibility of cross contamination??
  12. My teen son, who has become quite an expert in these last few months, says that yes, you probably had the boil too high, BUT more importantly, you must use the large amount of water specified on the package. In the pre-gluten-free days, I never used the huge amount of water called for with wheat pasta, but got away with it. He says you can't do that with gluten-free.
  13. We use Better Than Milk. It's a dry powder that comes either in a rice version or a soy one. (we can't have potato, either).
  14. I agree with the others--no matter how carefully you would write it, first you can't depend on people reading it correctly--that's just the way people are. Secondly, you can't ever be completely sure they didn't cut corners (or forget) somewhere along the line. Just today at the family reunion, a relative was happy because she thought we might be able to eat her pie. I was very confused. "Well...that's a wheat-flour crust, right?" Her reply was "Yes, but can't you just scrape it off--the filling is gluten free." So eventually, everyone will learn how it really is for us, one incident at a time. I just lightly exclaimed, "Oh my, no! Even a crumb would be harmful. Even your pan and utensils, if they've been used for wheat before this, could contain trace amounts of gluten." This seemed to immediately help her understand, without a lot of explantion.
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