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  1. So I have this weird thing going on like switching to gluten-free I'm going totally organic. I don't think that is the case but I think my problem right now is my mentality and thinking socially. I know I want/need to switch to gluten-free but I feel like I am doing something bad. Like I'm not American if I don't eat the usual stuff. Did anyone used to eat chips and cheeseburgers? or chocolate, whole wheat, lots of sandwiches, fruits, pizza, gravy? If so, how do you switch while staying who you are - or is that the point????? I know that there are a lot of things to eat that are gluten free but not my usual stuff.... don't know if this makes sense but I'm trying....... :-)
  2. Hi, I have fibromyalgia after I went to the doctor and gave him all my symptoms and told him what I had. He ruled out a bunch of other things and settled on fibro. My question is - I had started exercising and was in A LOT of pain so I stopped. Does going gluten-free help with that? And have people lost weight from going gluten free? Thanks!!!!
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