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  1. Found this today So I wanted to share with all of you. http://www.centredaily.com/business/techno...ory/930182.html
  2. I have a friend who works at the Century theaters in Salinas, CA and both the kinds of popcorn they have there is fine so is the butter they use it is real butter saw the box to it and the butter salt they put on the seeds also fine. the nachos and the cheese ok too.
  3. I looked on the site and this is what I found Q. Is UV Vodka gluten-free? A. Yes, UV Vodka is gluten-free, but always consult your doctor first. http://www.uvvodka.com/faq.html
  4. Now Wendy's has new frosty drinks that sound good like Vanilla Bean Frosty, Chocolate Fudge Frosty, Strawberry Frosty, M&M Twisted Frosty, Vanilla Frosty The ingredients they list are ok Just that there are other frostys you would have to be careful with like cookie dough. I guess it all depends on how they are made if they are safe or not. I hope the are ok to have I miss Vanilla Bean drinks
  5. Chili's Just opened up in Salinas Area the have stuff you can eat I have not been to this one yet as it is still new. Too many people going to it right now.
  6. Something that was sent to me. So I want to share with everyone http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/101129.php
  7. I wouldn't eat anything fried at Burger King before I found out I had celiac I would eat there and get the fries and find a onion ring at the bottem of the box of fries
  8. A freind sent this to me thought I would pass it on to anyone who wanted to read it. http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/99267.php
  9. Thought this was a great story. check it out http://www.azcentral.com/business/articles...allbiz0225.html
  10. I get got this in my email thought I would share with everyone if you have not seen it yet http://www.wallstreet-online.de/nachrichte...ht/2278501.html http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/080221/20080221006180.html?.v=1
  11. I was sent this by Chevy's it was a while ago so some things may have cahnge but I don't think by much Gluten Information (Revised 11/06) Because our menu items and methods of preparation may vary from state to state, we cannot guarantee this information, however we are fairly confident that this information is accurate. Always alert your server and the restaurant manager of your allergy/intolerance. Several of our grilled items are marinated in a sauce (Agua Negra) that contains soy sauce as an ingredient, so technically these items are not gluten-free. This will explain why many of the grilled meats are not gluten-free. When in doubt, ask your server or the manager if the item is marinated in Agua Negra. You may request that corn tortillas not be put into the fryer as this may cause cross-contamination from the flour products that are fried in the same oil. Any items that are fried or cooked on the grill are subject to potential cross-contamination from flour tortillas, etc. KEY: gluten-free = Gluten-free; CG = Contains Gluten Appetizers
  12. I saw that my fav Vanilla Bean was not Gluten free I was so sad I told one of my friends who is always looking up anything she can on gluten free stuff and found this. Last verified 7/3/07 1-800-23-LATTE The following information was given by a Customer Service Department representative for Starbucks via telephone. They require you to call to receive information about their gluten-free menu items, rather then email. Not gluten-free: Any frappachino with "chips" (Java Chip or Chocolate Chip) Cafe Vanilla Frappachino and Vanilla Bean Cream Frappachino. These both contain the Vanilla Bean Powder, which is produced in an area that also produces gluten-containing items. The uncontaminated Vanilla Bean Powder would be gluten-free, according to the rep. Eggnog drinks These are only on the menu during the holiday season. They may or may not be gluten-free, depending on the local suppliers. All other beverages are gluten free (as long as they don't have any of the "chips"). So is it just that the stuff that is near the Vanilla Bean Powder what makes it have the gluten?
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