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  1. My symptoms show up the next day - achy achilles tendons being the most noticeable
  2. last year in this forum I read that malodextrin in the US was "usually" corn but that market prices and deamnd for things like ethanol was making other ingredients cheaper to use.
  3. My neuropathy went away when I stopped taking too many B vitamins. B6 will really make your nerves burn.
  4. I was having prostate problems that seemed to get better after I gave up gluten. The pain in my hips also got better. I also started eating more raw things including flax seeds (GNC has them) I grind up myself in a coffee grinder. I add rice bran and lecithin to that. A great book about prostate cancer is "Kamikaze Cowboy" by Dirk Benedict. He was "Faceman" in the "A Team" tv series from the 80's. He was supossed to have gland removed and he wwent to Vermont for a couple months and ate brown rice and raw veggies and such and his cancer went away http://www.(Company Name Removed - They Spammed This Forum and are Banned)/Confessions-Kamikaze-Cowboy-Dirk-Benedict/dp/0895294796 I would also suggest a special kind of meditation being used by military for PTSD. A lot of illnesses are realted to compromised immunity because of stress, negative emotions etc. This exercise shoes a different way to handle stress and get centered in ways most people only remember as a kid. People get well from a lot of things when they get theor identity back. Good luck http://www.patriotoutreach.org/
  5. I haven't used mushrooms but just wanted to tell you Slippery Elm can be dangerous for pregnant women. It relaxes smooth walled muscle tissue and can cause miscarrriages. It has a a history of use as an abortificant too.
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