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I'm a 20 year old student from plymouth, uk. Been having symptoms for years similar to those caused by celiacs but never thought anything of it, after alot of stress 4 months ago I started having very severe abdominal pain and bloating which made me unable to eat and I am currently waiting for the results from my endoscopy with suspected celiacs. :)

  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today

  2. just wondered if feeling really dizzy and like you're gonna pass out is normal when glutened? i havent read a great deal about dizzyness related to it, but since i've been ill i've been like this alot, i thought it was from not being able to eat much, which some of the time it probably is, but even...
  3. i know this sounds abit nuts, but what about thinking you see/hear/feel dead people when you're glutened? i've had some weird as hell experiences in my mums house since i was like 3 that cant be explained, and i did the other day when i was on my gluten diet..heard like all these noises like someone...
  4. OMG! this totally explains my awful dreams that woke me up all the time when i was on gluten last week for my biopsy....i was dreaming of vivisection and a horses head tied up in a curtain with a hole cut out and one eye in the middle of its head with 2 freaky eyeballs in looking at me and it was...