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  1. no-im not bright enough!lolol Sorry for the long awaited response:) I couldnt teach math-yuck! 504 plan working so far....

  2. is gearing up for an I.E.T. meeting w/ the school!

  3. My son has been on the 504 plan for about 1 1/2 years, and so far its smooth. They have to comply with the 504-its federal-not a local right/law. Im going to another I.E.T. meeting w/ the school friday-he's been at a new school for only a couple of months-and basically-they know nothing about celiac or how serious it is-they are ignorant-i however,am teaching them! Pave the way for others-just do it with a smile! 504 is the way to go. Blessings, Tam
  4. Have you ever considered homeschooling Richard?

  5. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  6. My son is 7 years old and has celiac.He eats Ians chicken nuggetts ALOT-he also loves Kens Steakhouse Blue Cheese-and it is gluten free. He just got his blood tested for the wheat enzymes- 3.4 ! So if Kens has gluten-his numbers would be really high. He has no problem at all with that particular blue cheese. Yum:) Rickys mom-Tammy
  7. We have an UNOS in SoPo Maine-awesome pizza!! My son loves it!
  8. My son goes to a Pediatric G.I. Doc- Dr Furr. she's awesome-but thats in Portland Maine.Not sure about Bangor. Good Luck!! Have a happy holiday-Tam and Richard
  9. Hello everyone!! My son Richard has celiac-he is 7 y.o.-he got into some trouble at school this week for saying some "outta the norm" for him kinda things! Anyway- his teacher also said it wasnt like him.I think i found the culprit! Brachs candy corn-says right on the package that its processed in a facility that processes wheat,nuts and a few other food items as well. Im not sure about other kinds of candy corn-but Brachs is the kind he had-not anymore!! Everyone have a safe and happy halloween!!! Tammy and Richard
  10. Thanks for the quick responses!! Its appreciated:) Tam
  11. Hello to all!! Does anyone know if corn bread generally has wheat or gluten in it?? My son does not have problems with corn-just the wheat/gluten. I searched this topic on the forums and came up with nothing.My son loves corn bread and of course it goes great with hotdogs and beans:)Thanks a trillion! Tammy
  12. First- thanks for such a fast reply! I did have a school meeting this afternoon w/ principle/his teacher/counselor and a behavioral tech. This is the first one we've had. I did give them a dx on paper from his specialist.At least now i know its required by school law...good stuff to know. We're from Maine. Richard did have a great day today!! Whewwww! Thanks again-Tam
  13. Sorry for the ignorance but what is an IEP?? Thanks-Tam
  14. My 6 1/2 y.o. son was dx w/ celiac a few months back-he's dealing with the celiac diet just fine.However,when he is at his dads house on the weekends he relies on his dad to help him with his special diet.Once in awhile his dad will mess up and gluten our son.So when i get him back on sunday late afternoon he will have a headache/belly ache/moody and be very irritable.Well- this past Monday at school (after being glutened by dad w/ blue cheese & spicy chicken wings from the freezer aisle) i got a call from the Vice Principle saying for me to come in a have a "talk"-Richard has said some horrible things to his teacher! So i went in. His teacher wrote down all the things Richard said that day that was really bad. "You have the smallest boobs in town" was one?! Calling his friends stupid-so on...... This sort of thing happened toward the end of last school year.Thats when his celiac hit its high i believe. I was getting calls left and right. When this happens i do explain to my son the rights and wrongs of his deed(s).He does get certain things taken away from him. However,with the celiac im wondering- how do other parents w/ children w/ celiac deal with school misbehaviours?? On one hand his big celiac symptom other than head/belly aches is his behaviour-anger-moodiness.Ive explained everything to the Principle/teacher and what happens to him when hes been "glutened" and so forth.Does anyone have any suggestions?Tips?experiences w/ this?? It would be greatly appreciated. p.s. when i did explain to the vice principle the other day that he was glutened at dads house and came home with head/belly aches and his behavior at school was an indication to me that he was DEFINITLY glutened- she acted like she didnt care- Celiac is no excuse!!! Thats what i get from the vice principle!! Frustrated in Maine...Tam
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