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    North Dakota

About Me

Prediagnosis: hypothyroid at age 32, gall-bladder removed at 42, jogged a couple miles a day from age 40-50, then...

Climax: itched so bad I was thinking I could no longer work(teach)- joint pain ended jogging

Diagnosed: Aug.'06

Now: Itching nonexistent - Right knee replaced Mar.2010

  1. Thanks for all your input. If I've learned anything, it is that this disease rears its head in numerous ways. It would just be nice to have the easy fix one time, rather than playing the guessing game. I have resorted to occasional diuretics while I start the process of elimination one more time...
  2. I have intermittently had some pretty intense swelling of my feet/legs-no heat, no real pain except for the discomfort of swelling (tight feeling, bloating, sorer knees). Has anyone else had this? I'm randomly wondering about diet Coke, natural flavorings, MSG? I'm really pretty vigilent about labels...