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  1. thanks for the responses...I really didn't want to go to Whole Foods, Central Market, Trader Joes etc. and pay $$$ for a quick meal. I wanted dinners you could find in your sale ads in the "normal" stores frozen section. I would think there would be chicken and rice meals from Lean Cuisine, WW and Healthy Choice that are gluten free. Does anyone know the ingredient in those frozen dinners that we CAN NOT eat?
  2. Are there any frozen dinners (Lean Cuisine, Weight Watchers, Stouffers, Healthy Choice etc) in the US that are gluten free? I'm new to this way of living and sometimes need a quick lunch/dinner on the run. I know to look and see if it has pasta (can't eat it) and look for wheat, rye, barley, oats in the ingredients but what else do I look for on the ingredients of frozen dinners that I shouldn't eat. I tried calling Lean Cuisine and they won't committ. I saw 2006 postings on this topic and one from Canada. Thank you for your help!
  3. Rya, your comments are extremely helpful as we approach the weekend and I make a food plan for next week!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!1
  4. Thanks for those who have been encouraging that this can be done! I'm startled: Don't you think it's important to know the person's height etc before a person decides the "best" amount of calories to eat a day? Since I'm' not sure at this point what has gluten and what doesn't, I had to stay with "safe" items so here's what I'm doing. Feel free to add suggestions but again I want to stay with the 1200 calories: breakfast: boiled egg white and fruit snack: boiled egg white and fruit Lunch: half can tuna with fresh veggies snack: non-fat cottage cheese and fruit, yogurt and cottage cheese or almonds and a yogurt or fruit (add flax seed) Dinner: a soup made of lentils or beans and diced tomatoes, spinach, broccali, carrots snack: repeat above I'm best with a routine (which helps me not binge) and in time when I'm more familiar with things I can eat, I plan to have one day a week as a "treat day" and not count the calories. I use a free internet site to log my food and count my calories, which does help so much to begin with!
  5. I was diagnosed last week and have a weight problem so need to stay at 1200 calories (low carb). Does anyone have a food plan for that many calories they can share with me for a working outside the home person? I put my food plan in Sparkpeople.com and I'm not eating enough nutritionally although am in the right calorie range. No bread, cake, cookies needed. I'm fine with eating every 3 hrs too. Thanks for your help!
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