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  1. Type A here, The blood type diet is useful as one of 9 homeostatic controls of metabolism. Each blood type contains certain lectins that make you more susceptible to certain food intolerances.
  2. Celiac caused leaky gut and that is the main cause of food intolerance and food allergy, so testing is a good idea. The Lame Advertisement test is the best because it uses your white blood cell count as a baseling and therefore can even pinpoint intolerance.
  3. HI, I have celiac and am experiencing many allergies. I have some severe problems with digestion. Everything i eat from salad to oranges, comes out in my stool in pristine condition. I feel hungry all the time but my body is holding all my food so that I am constipated, like all the food is too big and undigested to get it out. My digestion is messed up, my elimination and my weight are messed up, I am totally depressed and my university plans are going out the window> Please help with your suggestions.
  4. I love Stevia and it takes like three minutes to get used to it. I only use the liquid kind and use a dropper. I eat no starch or sugar because celiac started messing with my pancreas (pancreatic insuffieciency and whacked out insulin). I have since found out that i am allergic to many things. The diets that have really help me are: The no-grain diet (similar to south beach but more holistic not fad) Th metabolic typing diet (similar to south beach if you are protein or mixed type) The metabolic typing diet has opened up my eyes and saved my life cuz all my allergies had me down to 3 "healthy" choices of food. Check it out you''ll love it
  5. I also have the same issue with weight gain. I have always been very thin and then when i had my full blown celiac outbreak i gained 30 lbs in one month. Everytime i get near gluten i gain 10-15lbs in a week. Then when i am off of it i lose 10 lbs a week. There are so many issues and painful things that occur in the meantime that it is hard to get a handle on it all.
  6. After I started the gluten-free diet i still had problems. I decided to eliminate all grains and that is when i discovered that i had additional allergies to milk and eggs and intolerances to nuts and mushrooms. I tried gluten again to see if maybe it was only an allergy or nothing at all and discovered that there are a few symptoms which only gluten causes and though i don't remember them when they are gone, they are very serious and debilitating when they are present.
  7. Hello When I have gluten, I actually gain weight. I am sure that half of this weight is edema but nonetheless weight gain, which is like 15 pounds in five days. ABout the irritability, it is an immediate reaction for me. Every second is like being trapped in a torturous prison that your conciously and subconciously aware of. YOu have rage about it, but you have no one to be angry at so you become irritable. The irritability is really like a desparate cry that you need help. A plea for someone to understand and drop all the other insignificant things and rescue you.
  8. I have the same thing, real food makes me gag but sweets are great. My thinking is that my digestive system is so raw and unable to break things down that i start to crave food that is digested really easily which is sweets and simple sugars. I really really believe this because even if i want an apples or a piece of meat i can't swallow it.
  9. Thanks so much Peggy, That is very similar to mine. You have been a big help. I notice that no two cases are alike, you are very right. I used to get the clear things more often when i was younger (i ate way more gluten then) and my doctor told me they were nothing and actually cut them off with a razor and just left it at that. Thanks.
  10. I had Frangelico because i love it and then i started having a reaction so i emailed them. The lady said that they add wheat to the production process and then it disappears during distillation. Well this mysterious disappearance of the gluten gave me a reaction. I know it is often added to chocolate cakes in cooking to give the hazelnut flavor so becareful.
  11. I wanted to know the mild symptoms of Dh because every dermatological picture or explanation is of the most extreme cases. I would like to know the mild symptoms once and for all. I have scaly dry skin on my elbows with what looks like severe red razor burn. I have clear bumps that sometimes puss on my elbows. I get the same bumps in pink or clear on my arms, back, neck and in my hair. I get little versions of this around my mouth. At first i thought that some of these are pimples, but they are obviously clear bumps with some kind of fluid way under the skin. Even if this is not DH, please tell me the symptoms.
  12. Hey I am trying to figure out if I have more allergies. I am on an elimination diet but it sucks because it seems I am allergic to many things. I have been ill for so long that i feel like i am making it up or overreacting. Can you tell me your allergies how you figured them out and what symptoms you get when you eat them? Thank you so much for you help.
  13. Hi I am 20 too and I know how you feel. I totally know. I went to school in NYC and had to come back, I spent $1000 USD on food alone in one month. Oh man if you wanna talk, I have a similar experience with the medicined aspect. I am extremely reactive to gluten and can't get a diagnosis (loove canada) and therefore can't get better. My parents friend is a doctor and he says it might be in the middle of the small bowel and only the camera pill can find the damage. Mybe that is why i have constipation and not diarrhea.
  14. I was still excercising before i finally went gluten-free and I also noticed that before the diagnosis, in the span of two months I went from dancing everyday practically allday, I could barely run on the treadmill for 5 minutes without heaving. Then it all started to go downhill really fast. Fatigue so that i could not even lift my arms and sometimes i thought i did not have enough energy to stand up.
  15. Hey, I have had fewer bowel movements than most in my life. In the last year of these reactions it has gotten absolutely ridiculous. I have been gluten-free for two months and i have grown and my period returned for a few days. But the constipation persists and I was wondering if anyone can tell me how long this will persist because i can't go on being impacted for 5 or 6 days out of 7. Thanx.
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