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  1. Hey guys, It's been a while since I've posted. I've been on the gluten-free diet since last Oct. After about a month I saw a big difference in my health. I immediately stopped having the bloating, vomiting, and acid reflux that usually came right after eating gluten. Over the past 2 weeks I've seen some problems coming back - acid reflux, vomiting, stomach pain and gas, constipation, and most annoying of them all, leg pains that linger for hours. Lately, we've been eating out a lot and you guys know how much of a gamble that is so.. My question is - should we strictly be eating the foods that are naturally gluten free (meat and veggies) and foods labeled gluten free rather than going out and assuming the chips at the mexican restaurant are gluten-free because they should be made of just corn?
  2. Hello, I am 20 years old, have celiac disease and cataracts. The optometrist told me it is because I have fair skin and light eyes and have had too much sun exposure. I grew up in Mobile, AL and spent everyday I could at the beach so this could be true. It is very interesting that you brought up this topic though. It never crossed my mind that these two could have anything to do with each other.
  3. 6 weeks gluten-free and I'm still having leg pains. ALL of my other health issues have gone away, why not this one too?
  4. Thanks guys, for all your comments. I don't feel so silly hearing that all of you have similar issues. Anyone know if Reliv Classic is Gluten Free? I can't find any info on it except some opinions from some forums. I need a good vitamin and I know that one is a good one. My husband loves it. I have noticed that it's not my entire leg that hurts anymore, it's now mainly my upper legs. And I do think it is much worse when I accidently get into some gluten.
  5. Thanks for all your suggestions - Which multi-vitamin would you recommend? I really like the Reliv products. They are pretty expensive though. I have never been tested for any deficiencies. Should I ask my doc to do that. I need a good doctor. My doc back home in Mobile sort of diagnosed it. And I did the rest. He was awful, he laughed at me. I now live in Birmingham, AL - know of any good doctors near me?
  6. It feels like growing pains. That's what I always called them growing up. Extremely achy. I would hit my legs so hard they would bruise. I've had this problem for as long as I can remember. If it is still just a gluten issue, could there be a possibility I'm still eating some form of gluten? If so, why have all of my other problems stopped. Would it be crazy to say that different forms of gluten cause different problems? For example: Foods obviously containing gluten like bread, battered foods, or pasta cause pain in my chest within 15 minutes of eating it. So much that I vomit. If I do not vomit and am able to keep it down, my legs and head will hurt along with bad gas, bloating, and acid reflux. Simple things like candy that you would never think contained gluten or wheat cause headaches and leg pains hours or a day later. Do I sound crazy? Thanks guys, for all your help. I'm doing the best I can to feel better. Hope all is well with everyone.
  7. Hey guys, I need the best recipe for Dressing. I see the one above but I want to cook it in the oven so it will be crunchy. Also.. does anyone know if it's better to make a cake from scratch or buy a boxed one? If you know of a good box of yellow cake mix let me know! Thanks
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    This is directly from the site. There is no sense in fried potato's having so many extra ingredients. Also, some places claim that their fries are wheat free but cooked in a fryer with other things that are not gluten free, I get sick. So I stay away from these. French Fries: Potatoes, vegetable oil (canola oil, hydrogenated soybean oil, natural beef flavor [wheat and milk derivatives]*), citric acid (preservative), dextrose, sodium acid pyrophosphate (maintain color), salt. Prepared in vegetable oil ((may contain one of the following: Canola oil, corn oil, soybean oil, hydrogenated soybean oil with TBHQ and citric acid added to preserve freshness), dimethylpolysiloxane added as an antifoaming agent). * CONTAINS: WHEAT AND MILK (Natural beef flavor contains hydrolyzed wheat and hydrolyzed milk as starting ingredients).
  9. I have all the symptoms of Celiac disease. Even some childhood problems I'm just now realizing after reading the book "Celiac Disease: A hidden epidemic". I've been gluten free for 3 weeks and most of my major issues have disappeared. This week we went out to my favorite Thai place called Surin. They said their food was wheat free. I got really sick. Now I'm a little confused so I'm looking into testing. I'm having a hard time telling my family I can't eat gluten. I just know they think I'm a hypochondriac. Anyway... Do you guys know what is the best way for me to get an accurate test? I do not have insurance so, keep that in mind.
  10. OK GUYS... I'm done. I've been as close to gluten free as possible for 3 weeks and fine I just ate a slice of bread to see what would happen and within 30 minutes I was bloated, hurting, and puking. I have a good enough answer. I just wont eat gluten! Thank you so much for all your responses. Please keep in touch.
  11. PM- Personal Message, got it! : )
  12. Happygirl, what is PM?
  13. ALSO- I've been almost gluten free for 3 weeks. Almost all of the stomach problems subsided. Still having bad leg pains. When I accidently ate gluten I vomited.
  14. Thank you all very much for taking time to answer my questions. In a previous post I asked If it was possible to find out on my own if I had celiac. I also posted all of my health issues. I'm not "jumping the gun".. I have many many reasons to think it is celiac. My 2 cousins and aunt have just been diagnosed with celiac disease. We all have had the same problems for years. That's when I found out what the disease was, I'd never heard of it before. My health issues are: acid reflux, vomiting almost daily(after eating anything with gluten or msg), constipation, depression, bad leg pains (like growing pains, had them since I was a child). I've been clinically diagnosed with acid reflux, GERD, depression, dyspepsia, and IBS. None of the diets or meds for these worked. I've had 2 upperGI/endoscopy done. I called the doctor yesterday and asked if he did a biopsy from my small intestine. He said he didn't take any biopsy and didn't even go into my small intestine and that nothing was wrong with me.. I'm just depressed. Then he laughed and gave me 7 different antidepressants within a years time. I'm desperate and tired of being sick.. and have no money. Please help.
  15. For six years now I have had stomach and body issues that no doctor can explain. The problems are getting worse. My symptoms are bloating, indigestion, acid reflux, nausea and vomiting daily, constipation, headaches, and extreme moodiness. I've been through 5 doctors and now I do not have insurance and cannot pay for any testing. My aunt and 2 of her 4 children were just diagnosed with Celiac disease. We all have very similar problems. My aunt tells me celiac disease is extremely difficult to find in most cases and I should just try a gluten free diet for a while and see if it helps. I stopped eating gluten a week ago. After day 3, almost all of my problems had gone away. I accidently ate some wheat this morning and have been sick ever since. I had half of a beer last night and had a headache within 30 mins. I have given up on doctors. I am deep in debt with medical bills and can't take it any more. Can I diagnose myself (for the most part) by sticking to a gluten-free diet? Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.
  16. Thank you all so much for your help. I really think this is the answer to my problem. I'm going to stick with the diet since all signs point to gluten intolerance. I've given up on doctors so I'm not worried about testing, it would probably come out wrong anyway. Do you guys have any suggestions for good gluten-free bread?