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  1. I was vacationing this week in Santa Fe, New Mexico and eating every meal out. It went well for a few days, but Tuesday dinner I was clearly badly glutened and have been sick since. My primary symptom is a throbbing headache that starts by feeling that I've been bludgeoned in the back of the head. I also have D, but not as bad as some of you get it. The inflammation also settles in my joints giving me joint pain that I do not ordinarily have. It just isn't letting up. I think a waiter lied to me about a "flourless" cake. He swore to me that it was gluten-free. Now I think it wasn't even flourless. I am completely miserable. First, is there anything I can't do to expel this stuff from my bloodstream faster? I've been avoiding painkillers because I don't want my liver tied up processing that instead of working on the gluten. I may have to change my strategy here; I can't take the pain much longer. Second, I am going to write a nasty letter to the restaurant owner. What can I say that will make any difference? I feel like anything I write will just be dismissed. Thanks.
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    Heart Palpitations...

    It's very likely a magnesium deficiency. Some 88% of the US population is magnesium deficient; it's worse in Celiacs because we don't absorb magnesium as well. Buy any kind of magnesium that ends with "-ate" (chelate, citrate, aspartate, etc.). Do not buy magnesium oxide because it absorbs poorly -- it's best used for treating constipation. Also do not buy a combination of calcium and magnesium because calcium blocks the absorption of magnesium (they combine them because magnesium assists the absorption of calcium). Start by taking one. If it doesn't give you diarrhea, take two the next day. If two don't give you D, take three the next day. Take the highest dose that does not give you D. You don't need to worry about overdosing because your body will just expel what it doesn't need; it's not toxic.
  3. I tried two products by Original Juan: Pain is Good Hot Nuts and Pain is Good Jerk Nuts. I definitely had a gluten reaction (the only other possibility is some old Celestial Seasonings raspberry flavored herbal tea, but I'm pretty sure I've had that several times without a reaction). The labels on those peanuts have allergy information pointing only to peanuts and soy, but I think it's an error. The ingredients on the jerk nuts look pretty clean. The only suspicious ingredient there is "spices". The hot nuts, on the other hand, have both "natural flavors" and "natural smoke flavor". I know that smoke flavor is often carried on flour but I trusted the allergy information. The thing that has really frustrated me is that when I called to ask, they were neither knowledgeable nor helpful. These people are really clueless, or at least the person who answers the phone is. I recommend staying away from these products.
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    Heinz Soups

    They carry two of them here in the gluten free mall associated with this site. There might be product reviews there too.
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    Trust your instincts and stay away. What if we used several products in a day that had low levels of gluten? I have enough problems with accidental contamination. I don't need something I'm taking intentionally to push me over the limit.
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    If Going Gluten-free Made It Go Away, Was It Dh?

    Thanks for the reply. I'll pass on the gluten challenge. Going gluten free has been miraculous for me; I'd never go back.
  7. I'm about seven months into this and it just occurred to me for the first time yesterday that maybe I had DH. I've had some inexplicable bumps/blisters on my butt for as long as I can remember, and occasionally some on my elbows, but I checked and they are now gone! I don't know when they went away, I never thought much of them. They were just always there. They didn't itch except when I had them on my elbows. Even then they didn't itch much. What do you think?