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    Nature, children, art, poetry, breastfeeding, enjoying my new home built in 1750, Hard working Union family (IBEW), open minds and living with peaceful drama to keep our minds on fire.<br><br>Weight Watchers
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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. bumping this up again as Im back to the boards after a long absence. Can we start adding to this again?
  3. Please do not put clove oil on a babies gums. Clove oil, even diluted can burn an infants gums and numb to the point of creating suck swallow breath difficuluties. Hyland's...
  4. My daughter Zobey gained 2 lbs! She is now 43 lbs!!!! She is 6 and a half She had her first recheck after being completely gluten free for 5 months. I am one really happy...
  5. "Melasma or chloasma" is known as the mask of pregnancy. This is somewhat common. I don't think this is an "itchy rash" though- it's said to be pigment darkening- not red itchy...
  6. Your like MacDonald's chicken nugget recipe was a HUGE success!!!! They were so easy to make! Thank you Thank you!!!!!! My children LOVED them!!! <i>"Take ground chicken...
  7. Breakfast: Grape Slush (493 calories!!) 2 grape juice bars 2 Tbsp corn syrup 1/2 c. grape juice or 7-Up 1 Tbsp corn oil Blend in blender. Snack: snowcaps and jet puffed...
  8. ..I haven't had the chance to research this, but... Milk that comes from any breast is made up of the foods that lactating female eats. I just dont understand why a cow wouldnt...
  9. HOLD IT! WOAH. Regarding gluten passed through breastmilk: http://www.lalecheleague.org/cbi/Biospec.htm#_Toc64659323 http://www.csaceliacs.org/library/breastfeeding...
  10. I just edited and removed the yogurt. I consider my daughter to be very sensitive to gluten. We have a dedicated gluten free toaster and cast iron.... all that. Zobey has had...
  11. Someone told me that being gluten intolerant is inhereted from the mother's genes? Is this true? My middle daughter is the gluten intolerant one. Hmmm. wondering if I should...
  12. Breakfast: Amazon Flakes (like frosted flakes- now they come in tropical fruit flavor) Milk 4 oz. Chocolate pediasure blended with HERSHEY
  13. Thank you- I edited that one- Phew! I hadn't opened the box yet- I would have checked it before puttting it in the snack bag- I have been using the ginger snaps.
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