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  1. WestyPDX

    Olive Garden

    Thanks for posting this. I've not been in an Olive Garden for years, and wasn't aware they had a gluten-free menu. As...
  2. WestyPDX

    How Many Have Dh, Really?

    I recognize and agree that DH is a side effect of celiac disease, I'm living proof of that. But where are the numbers...
  3. WestyPDX

    How Many Have Dh, Really?

    What percentage would you say is "many"? If you walk into any reputable dermatologist's office and they see watery, itchy...
  4. My local GI doctor consulted with Dr. Green about my case a couple of times by phone. While I appreciated the effort...
  5. WestyPDX

    How Many Have Dh, Really?

    I think the 1% number is closer to reality. Data points: My primary care physician has ~2,000 patients across all...
  6. WestyPDX

    Did You Get A Negative Biopsy?

    Yes, but the pain is over fairly quickly. It's about twice as painful as a standard blood draw, but lasts a bit longer...
  7. WestyPDX

    How To Get Relief From Itching?

    A medication called Dapsone will do it. I can't imagine why your doctor didn't prescribe it while giving you your diagnosis...
  8. WestyPDX

    How Did Your Dh Start?

    I'd been on hydrocortone (an oral cortisone) for a couple of years, as one of the things my doctor found while searching...
  9. WestyPDX

    Lack Of B12 Responsible For Low Energy?

    Interesting links. Something to think about before you go for B-12 shots: When I had an untypical bad reaction to...
  10. WestyPDX

    How Do You Deal With Stress?

    If your issues with stress, anxiety and OCD weren't caused by gluten in your diet, a gluten-free diet isn't going to...
  11. I've got a left field recommendation for you that's helped me with energy issues, and I only mention it because you're...
  12. WestyPDX

    Just Ditched The Gfd

    Heh. Got it, that'll be easy to remember. Bean flour is icky. It's too bad that I'll be ditching dairy as well after...
  13. WestyPDX

    Just Ditched The Gfd

    Hi, and yup, I live about 4 miles from Bob's HQ in the Portland 'burbs, LOL, so easy access. I remember them when they...
  14. WestyPDX

    Just Ditched The Gfd

    I love Alton! Even have his first cookbook. I've always liked to cook, but when I'm in a state of distress, the last...
  15. WestyPDX

    Just Ditched The Gfd

    Fair question, but nope, I don't really drink that much at all, perhaps one or two drinks or a glass of wine a month...