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  1. I was excessively hungry for several months before going gluten-free. It got progressively worse..and I was always craving cereal and wheat-y foods. It was pretty miserable because every time I ate, I'd feel so full, bloated, gassy, and just total discomfort but my stomach would be empty within an hour of eating and I'd feel like I needed the food. Vicious cycle! After going gluten-free, my hungry eventually subsided and I don't crave cereal at all anymore. (and when I say crave, I was going through a box a day! It was almost all I was eating). I'm not sure about your other questions, though.
  2. I have almost all of the same issues as you! I'm gluten, soy, and dairy intolerant and have recently stopped eating almonds, walnuts, and pistachios due to GI symptoms. It basically feels like I've been glutened when I eat these nuts now, which for me is stomach rumbling, tummy discomfort, D, and bloating, and GAS..ugh. I'm so disappointed because I relied on nuts for healthy snacks. I find that when I eat some foods in excess, I seem to develop an intolerance. I'm so frustrated. I've already given up peanut butter, hummus, and dates...and I think it's because I just have eaten too much of it in the past. Now it's nuts....makes me wonder, when will it stop? Or is there an underlying problem that needs to be fixed? Ugh, I don't know. Just wanted to say I relate to you and I feel your pain!!
  3. Gfresh- I can definitely relate to you. When I was my sickest and couldn't keep anything in my stomach (D after everything I ate), I ate very little to be able to get through the day without incident.........and consequently, I had major insomnia. I've never had sleep problems before and I take no medications. I used to have no problem falling alseep, but would wake up at like 3am and not be able to fall back asleep til 6am. It was pretty bad. Now, when I find I haven't eaten enough throughout the day, the same thing happens. I have no studies or science to back this up, just my own observations with my body. I'm sorry, I disagree with Deb. Maybe you DO need those calories. I agree that the calories could come from somewhere healthier than junk food (although depends what you mean by junk food...dark chocolate is good), but more bananas, grapes, etc is not the answer if that's what you already say you're eating. I imagine you are already eating fruits, as you say. I would suggest adding nuts (maybe some almonds) into your diet. I know you say you have problems with fat digesting, but I think you may need to try to add some healthy fat into your diet, since it seems like it's high in carbs. Or maybe experiment with protein? Do you eat beans? Maybe you could dip the veggies you eat in a bean dip? That will add calories if you normally eat your veggies plain. What about nut butter? You can eat very little of that and up your calories a lot.
  4. Do any of you experience abdominal pain if you don't take probiotics for a few days in a row? I went away last week and forgot my probiotics. I didn't take them for about a week. The last 3 or 4 days of that week, I started feeling a gnawing pain in my lower left abdomen. Also, I felt bloated. It wasn't a stabbing pain really, but it hurt enough to keep me from exercising. I felt hungry but my stomach felt so full I didn't want to eat much. I thought that maybe I ate gluten, but this has never been my symptom (usually it's D, gas, gurgling, etc but definitely never this kind of pain). I bought more probiotics about 2 days ago and since I started taking them again, I haven't felt any pain. Could it be that the lack of probiotics caused this pain? And what exactly does that mean? Am I always going to have to take probiotics to even out the bacteria?? That seems crazy that without adding good bacteria, my body isn't regulating itself?? Any ideas? Thanks!
  5. A few hinters about eating gluten-free- -start out simple. Think fresh fruit, veggies, eggs, plain meat (you can season with salt and pepper or mix in with veggies, etc. Just try to avoid sauces at this time until you get a hang of it), plain fish, nuts, rice, potatoes, corn, rice cakes, beans, plain popcorn -I might avoid a lot of the processed "gluten free" foods that you've already bought. Not saying you can never have these.....but in the very beginning, it might be best to start with natural, whole foods. I would then add in the processed foods in slowly and see if your stomach can handle them at this point What really helped me was stripping my diet down to the basics for at least a week or two. Then you can definitely add in more things. Not sure if you have intestinal damage, but I had inflammation and this helped soooo much!
  6. Hi there! Wow, that is kinda weird that your doc looked at your results and came to that conclusion. I'm all for people listening to their body and doing what they think is right for them....but as far as I can tell, your blood work looks negative. That being said, I had negative blood work too. I also had a negative biopsy (well there was damage and inflammation but apparently not damage suggestive of celiac). I went gluten-free anyway because my symptoms were getting so bad, I just had to try something. Well, when I am 100% gluten-free, plus soy and dairy free, I feel great!! I may or may not have more intolerances (trying to figure it out- so frustrating!!).....but point is, I literally saw a 180 difference within one day of going gluten-free in the beginning. I could DEFINITELY tell! So my advice, give the diet a try...........or if you want to continue with the testing for celiac, schedule an endoscopy while eating gluten. Either way, good luck to you!!! I hope you find your answer......I know exactly how you feel about wanting an answer, even if that means you are diagnosed with a disease.
  7. FWIW, I used Enterolab and tested positive for malabsorption too. But, I was told by 2 doctors that I don't have celiac, even though my endoscopy showed mild blunting of villi. I think soy was causing the villi blunting?? Leaky gut?? I really don't know, never got any real answers. I also had gastritis and my stomach lining was atrophied. I've been gluten-free for a year now. Still don't know what to say to some people sometimes - do I have gluten sensitivity? Did I catch celiac early? I have the gene so I figure even if I don't have celiac, I still need to continue eating gluten-free. I can't really answer your question, but just wanted to share my experience.
  8. I did have blood work, but only the Ttg, which was 8 (0-19 normal range). I believe I had the celiac panel a year earlier, which came back negative as well but I don't have those results. That was before I was my sickest though. The second doctor looked at the biopsy reports and said it was most likely celiac b/c nothing else would cause that damage (my words, but he basically said that). But when he looked at the actual slides, he said it was negative. I only got a sheet of paper in the mail saying it was negative. I really wish I could follow up but I don't have the money/insurance at this time.
  9. I apologize if this sounds whiny. Ugh, I'm so frustrated...I was doing so well for almost a year! I went gluten free in Aug of last year and dairy and soy very light. I had even started introducing some cheese and yogurt and seemed to be tolerating that well. I should say, I'm not diagnosed with celiac. My endoscopy showed mild blunting of my villi, which I attribute to the soy (just my own theory because I seem to be pretty intolerant to soy and I was eating a lot of it prior to going gluten-free). What I was eating was working though, which was mostly fruit, veggies, some meat, fish, eggs, rice, and a few processed foods like gluten-free crackers, rice cakes, cereal, etc. After thinking about it and getting some advice here, I got a second opinion on my biopsy and it turns out, I really don't have celiac (after the doc told me it probably was, he looked at the slides and said it wasn't. And I don't have insurance right now to follow up - I still don't have an answer as to why my villi were blunted). Anyway, after that I just decided to have NGF cereal (2 bowls) just to see. If I don't have celiac, I just wanted to make sure gluten was my problem....and not just soy the whole time or leaky gut or something else. Well, I felt okay for a day or so then felt sick for a week or so. It was also that time of month for me....so I dunno. I haven't eaten gluten knowingly since. That was a month or so ago and within the last couple weeks, I've started to react to different things I never have before. I think my daily plain greek yogurt caught up to me (?) so I gave that up, as well as any cheese I was eating. So, back to no dairy. After eating hummus, I got GI symptoms. Someone recently suggested maybe I have a problem with legumes, but I can tolerate other beans pretty well. I made some stir fry veggies (onion, mushroom, red pepper, squash, and tomatoes and then baked some potatoes and eggplant) and got sick after eating that. Could it be the olive oil that I'm sensitive to? Ugh, there's so many things it could be. I guess I need to start an elimination diet/food journal, but I've sorta been hoping to avoid that. I'm sorry for venting....I'm just frustrated. I was doing sooooo well for so many months and could tolerate all the things I'm now reacting to. I think about the 2 bowls of gluten I ate and maybe that could be affecting me?? But then again, I don't have celiac, or at least I didn't when I had my endoscopy. I just don't know. I have some other non GI symptoms, like lately I've been feeling hypoglycemic if I don't eat but my thyroid has been tested and it was fine. And, like I said, I don't have health insurance right now....along with I kinda feel like a hypochondriac! Sorry for the long, unorganized post. Just wanted to vent.
  10. Wow, so many people here react to so many foods! I have intolerances to: gluten soy - I believe this caused my blunted villi, so not sure if this would make it an allergy or not. dairy dates and trying to figure out if I have an intolerance to legumes? I react (GI symptoms) to peanut butter and hummus (in addition to soy) and someone just mentioned that the connection could be legumes. Jerseyangel (or anyone) - can I ask how you react to legumes and how you figured out it was that whole family you react to?
  11. Thank you sooo much FarmCat and TFA............and sorry for taking over your thread Blondie. You guys have given me a lot to think about and really helped me see other possibilities that I was not considering. I now see the connection and am going to look into legume family intolerance. Also, I will look into fructose intolerance. Ugh, this is hard work!! I don't think I have allergies, just intolerances; I wish there was an easy way to test for intolerances!
  12. Thanks. I did try googling but couldn't find anything about their seasoning/spices. I'm surprised they didn't respond...they seem to be good about food issues/allergies, but then again, I've never emailed them. I would just buy something else, but problem is, I already bought it! ugh..I thought it was McCormick's haha. ooops!
  13. Safeway is usually good about listing what products are gluten-free. But for some reason, I can't find out if their All Purpose Seasoning (salt free) is gluten-free. Does anyone know? Thanks!
  14. I feel your pain..I've been having some similar problems and I can't seem to figure out the link. It might be too much fat, or too many carbs?? I just don't know. I get excessive (and different than usual) gas and sometimes stomach pain when I eat peanut butter, dates, and now hummus, in addition to gluten, soy, and dairy. I don't know the connection between these foods. I'm sorry I can't really help you, as I'm trying to figure it out myself, but I just wanted to empathize with you! It's so frustrating......eliminating just gluten would be so easy. Personally, I take probiotics and a multi-vitamin. I'm not sure if I need anything else. I eat lots of fruits and veggies daily so I think I get enough fiber but who knows.
  15. I don't react to nuts, although I hugely react to peanut butter. Peanuts alone do not cause reactions but whenever I eat peanut butter, I have the same GI reactions as when I eat dates. Do you have any idea what in the peanut butter I could be reacting to? It must be the oil(s) in it. Peanut butter doesn't have soy, right? It could be the sugar content. I mainly eat very healthy and try to limit the sugars I eat. I do eat lots of fruits. My diet includes at least 4-5 servings of fruit everyday and I don't seem to have a problem with raw fruits. How would I know if Candida is the problem? I'm taking probiotics and eat non fat greek yogurt everyday (don't know if this matters, but I'm trying to produce more healthy bacteria). Thanks for the help!
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