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    my family, world events and how they relate to Bible prophecy, knitting, computers, making jewelry
  1. newlyfoundglutener

    Can The Pill-cam Diagnose Celiac?

    Do you mind if I ask: what was the cost difference? When they do my follow up, I would much rather do a pill than have...
  2. newlyfoundglutener

    Help With Milk Issues

    Can't say that I understand the cravings for glutens necessarily. Apparently, I've had this most of my life and tended...
  3. newlyfoundglutener

    Does Going gluten-free Change Child's Behavior Quickly?

    I have recently been reading a lot about gluten sensitivities/intolerance, etc. and ADHD. I would like to have my son...
  4. newlyfoundglutener

    Hypoglycemia, Alcoholism, Etc.

    I was the same way. Never really liked any of the beers, but when I tried Guinness...wow! Then, any good, dark ale...
  5. newlyfoundglutener

    Hypoglycemia, Alcoholism, Etc.

    I don't really know why I am replying to you. Or what I am looking for. I guess I really just needed to say something...
  6. newlyfoundglutener

    Vitamin E?

    Hi Ursula, I'm Tracy and new on the list. I noticed in your list of symptoms you mention Asperger's. My son has...
  7. newlyfoundglutener

    Follow Ups Needed/screening?

    I am debating about the biopsy. Don't you have to be off the diet for a little while for the doctor to see the results...