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  1. I think that there is a major link between celiac disease and many other disorders. Some are direct links; others are a result of your body not having the strength to fight off diseases. Face it, when we were eating G, we were basically destroying the part of our body that was absorbing the vitamins...
  2. We cruised on Princess Lines for our honeymoon in 2003 and they were not very helpful. It was basically, watch your own diet, we have another 1,000+ to take care of!!!! I would like to think that this was just a bad experience but I would not travel on Princess Lines again unless they were more...
  3. I have peripheral neuropathy caused from diabetis and dietary neuropathy due to my body's inability to absorb the B complex vitamins (certainly related to celiac disease). The pins and needles are a symptom of the neuropathy....hands, arms, feet, legs, and even my TONGUE are affected. I have been...
  4. Lucky me... i am also diabetic. I would like to know if splenda (which contains maltodextrine) is gluten-free. I have written the co but no response. Being diabetic, it would be nice to have some sugar free options that i know are really gluten-free! Thanks for the input!!! pam
  5. Hi Greengal.....first I am very overweight and have been all my adult life and I am a celiac. My doctor was also surprised when he read the diagnosis. I had a biopsy done. I think that is the only real proof of celiac's disease. BUT the reason I am writing....my mother passed away from pancreatic...