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  1. I dont exactly get what you wrote here, but i thoguht about how to explain the strange feeling i get after eating food to my doctor, and the only thing i could think of was "the feeling you get when your really hungry....but i get when i just ate"... are you saying that the feeling is how i should feel, and when i dont feel it it's because i ate something that shouldnt be there? or am i just confused?
  2. My doctor wouldnt give me the other blood tests. is having a borderline positive dgp result and negative EMA and ttg common to people who dont have celiacs? in a matter of 2 minutes they gave me a go-ahead to have a free endoscopy...does anyone have any idea if its worth doing that with the info i have?
  3. ill try to get the full blood test reccomended my mother goose sometime during the next 2 days....
  4. can someone please translate "momma goose"'s post into non-medical english? It seems that everyone is already assuming i have celiacs....since the doctor was an idiot, maybe i have something else? If everyone is learning the info from my blood test results, can some1 please explain it to me in english? I really tremendously appreciate everyone's help...it's been making this process 99% calmer.
  5. Hi, Due to a borderline positive dor the DGP antibody, my doctor diagnosed me with mild celiac disease. She said since i dont feel pain from eating bread, i can continue eating gluten unless i start feeling pain. I have had stomach pains for the last 15 years, and when i was a child, i went through many tests and doctors couldnt figure out what it was. (They did not test for celiac disease..) I still feel strange (not painful) feelings in my stomach, but not necesarily after eating gluten.... Is celiac a genetic disease? is it possible that my very painful childhood celiac disease became less intense now? (im age 20) Is it true that i can continue eating bread (im currently living in a 2nd world country and dont trust the medical system so much)? If i would stop eating gluten, would my general health get better? any answers would help. Thank you in advance.
  6. Hello, i Just received the results of my recent blood test. It showed high total bilirubin, low triglycerides, negative anti ttg (iga), and borderlining high anti dgp (deamidated gliadin peptides) ..... I think that means that when deamidated gliadin peptides are put into my blood, i treat it like an invader... does anyone know if a borderlining high anti dgp means that i probably have celiac disease? Thank you in advance Rafi
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