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  1. After going gluten-free I started noticing symptoms in people all around me, too, and started to suspect we were not meant to eat grain. Then, two of my family members cut out all preservatives, artificial additives, and hydrolyzed proteins and carbohydrates; their symptoms evaporated, they lost weight, and they have more energy. I followed suit, and have noticed that I'm even less bothered when I get glutened. So perhaps it's more about all the junk in today's food than the grains?
  2. Quohelet

    Sulfur Burps

    I get those occasionally, usually for several days. I don't know why, but going for a long walk (about 2hrs) seems to clear it up for a while. Also, I usually restrict myself to just vegetables for a day or so, take digestive enzymes, and drink lots of water. Hope that helps!