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  1. In addition to eating gluten-free, I attribute the following to knocking out my bad breath once and for all: 1. SmartMouth Activated Mouthwash (this is what really did it for me!) 2. Flonase Nasal Spray 3. Dr. Tung's Tongue Scraper 4. The obviously brushing and flossing twice daily (goes without saying).
  2. I went in for an endoscopy to find out if something from my stomach/intestine was causing my bad breath. A biopsy during that procedure revealed that I had Celiac. I thought it was strange since I ate pizza, pasta, and other bread/gluten items almost every day without issue, so I decided to confirm the biopsy result with a blood test. I took the blood test twice (once on a high- and once on a low-gluten diet) and it came back negative both times. I just assumed someone at the earlier biopsy lab must have messed up my analysis or accidently mistaken someone else's biopsy for mine, but after reading this thread it seems like my initial biopsy might have been correct all along. My doctor suggested doing another endoscopy, but I didn't want to foot the bill for that. Also, my older brother has Celiac which was confirmed by both a biopsy and blood test. Eating less gluten did seem to help a little with my bad breath, but SmartMouth Activated Mouthwash along with Flonase nasal spray and a Dr. Tung's tongue scrapper really did the trick to solve the bad breath issue. I'm just assuming I have Celiac and eating "gluten conscious" until my next endoscopy in about 10 years. If that biopsy comes back positive again, then I'll be strictly gluten-free. I'm just glad I don't have many symptoms.
  3. I had bad breath, gas, and bloating my entire life. I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease through a biopsy done via endoscopy. My friends described my breath as "warm garbage". I have been gluten free for a little over a month now and only had a bad breath comment once about 10 hours after eating a raw clove of garlic. The gas and bloating are still there, but I think that is because I eat too fast. Back in the day, I took PrevPac (a triple therapy anti-biotic typically used to treat H. Pylori) which cured my bad breath. If you suffer from really bad breath that you think may be GI related, then I'd definitely recommend the PrevPak treatment first, and if that doesnt work then try the gluten-free diet... Hope that helps, -Dave keywords: celiac disease, gluten-free, halitosis, bad breath, foul breath, helicobacter pylori, h pylori, h. pylori, gas, bloating, smelly breath
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