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  1. Hey all, I'm 25, and I started having serious health problems when I was 19. The first major symptom that doctors would pay attention to was the fact that my period almost totally stopped. I would get one maybe once every three to four months, and it would be TERRIBLE. The worst pain I've experienced in my life, to this day. Doctor after doctor couldn't figure out what was wrong, so I started researching it myself, at at 21, I was firmly convinced that PCOS and/or Celiac Disease were the root of my problems. It took me years to find a doctor that put the entire picture together. Each GYN either looked at my hormone levels (which have never been that abnormal) or just my ovaries. Nobody tested my insulin and glucose to see if I was insulin resistant, until about a year ago. I saw the nurse practitioner in a new general medicine office, and after listening to my symptoms she was convinced that my self-diagnosis of PCOS and Celiac was 100% correct. She ordered the blood work and did the ultrasounds to confirm the PCOS, and sent me to a GI to be tested for Celiac. The GI did a full celiac panel (or so I thought), and said the results were negative. I didn't have Celiac. He did decide that I had IBS, and I've always disagreed with that diagnosis. Since then, I've been put on metformin, and I still wasn't able to have periods on my own. More testing ensued. I had a hysteroscopy at the beginning of March this year, because my lining had built up so much, and I was put on birth control just before that. Now, almost two months after the surgery and just into my fourth continuous dose of BC (they instructed me to skip the placebos for now), I'm still having severe cramping and bleeding. I've been on BC before, and the issue was always that they didn't bring on periods. Never that I couldn't stop bleeding. I literally soaked a super size tampon in 20 minutes, and bled all over myself in the middle of the Chicago airport on Thursday last week. Today I finally got in to see my doctor, and she seems to think that the GI doctor misdiagnosed the IBS, and I do in fact have Celiac, despite the negative blood work. She's sent me to a new GI. In the meantime, she wants me to stay on the BC and finish out this pack and take the placebos this time, and see what happens, since my bleeding has slowed to light spotting for now. Throughout all of this, I've had two time spans in my life where I went totally gluten-free, and I always felt 200% better. My brain-fog lifted, and I felt like a real human-being again. My periods never totally squared themselves away, but the issues were much less severe, and almost all of my other symptoms went away. Has anyone had a similar situation? Is it possible that the blood work giving the negative result for Celiac was in fact wrong? Any input is much appreciated! Katie in South FL.
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