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GF Squared

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  1. Yes, I will have to ask them. I called because it's 3 hours away! I should have remembered at the time, but sometimes I think I get lax with my attention to the little details. Just thought I would throw it out there because this forum is so helpful! Thanks!
  2. Yeah....the lady read the ingredients to me over the phone, but she first said, "Oh, we just use butter." I was amazed, and then she said, "Yeah, just butter, It's called....Butter-It," and she tried to read the ingredients, but slaughtered most of the names. I thought butter was just cream and salt...
  3. I think this is a Cargill/Sysco product used for popcorn flavoring, but cannot for the life of me find a true, proper ingredient list. Anyone know of this? Heard of it? Have info on whether it is gluten free or not? I realize it's not a healthy product, not a GMO free product, I get it. Just...