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  1. Hyde Park has a fairly new restaurant called The Sitdown, which has gluten free items as well as sushi. They have pizza, sandwiches and some pasta dishes which can be gluten-free or not. They also have gluten-free soy sauce for the sushi. The owner is gluten-free and from what I can see, always there. Not very expensive and the food is good. The veggie chips with sandwiches are great. For me the best thing is the homemade gumbo and chicken soup. Sometimes I just don't feel like making my own soup.
  2. Visited Phoenix area in March 2008. Used the Triumph Dining Guide. Found most of the restaurants mentioned by contributors, including Havanna Cafe which was great. Have found the quite useful. Think it also mentioned grocery stores. Know I found some cookies, bagels, Mary
  3. The Triumph Dining Guides are quite helpful. Visited the Phoenix area in March 2008 and only ate at places in the guide. Had some greaaaaat food - pizza and an interesting Cuban restaurant. Would not have known about the places without the guide.
  4. Your cramps may not be directly gluten related. There is evidence that women with celiac also have endometriosis or fibroid tumors. I had both and didn't realize they were related to celiac and gluten intolerance. Your ob-gyn should be able to tell if either of these is a problem.
  5. Father & Sons Pizza on North Avenue has a gluten free pizza with a pretty good crust. Carabba's and Outback both have gluten free menus. The Celiac Society of Chicago has a fundraiser with a buffet of foods from various restaurants. The restaurants usually have a gluten-free menu afterwards. Wildfire and Ben Pao have been featured at the fundraisers and have gluten-free menus. Can't remember which restaurants were featured this year. Do try Adobo - it is great and lots of fun too. have been there with groups of people and they are always quite happy to eat there. Ina's is supposed to have gluten-free fried chicken one week day in the summer. Also try Flattop Grill - they will accommodate many allergies and have several locations. Stir Crazy will also accommodate gluten-free. Also really, really like Bonefish Grill though they are only in the 'burbs.
  6. I was diagnosed in the late 40's - by symptoms. Had the bloated belly and putrid stools...... My parents were told I would outgrow it. No avoidance of gluten - at least from what my mom remembers, instead it was fat to avoid. It seemed that I had outgrown it. No definitive symptoms, though as I grew older I found that I really did not care for beer, pizza, pasta or bread. In 2001-2002 had very stressful life. My dad had Alzheimer's and trying to help my mother take car of him, working full time and being a single parent. After dad died started having stomach problems. Mostly gas and constipation. Had a blood test that came back 10x higher than normal and then endoscopy that showed me I was in stage 4. I have read that stressful situations can trigger celiac. Your son may not have symptoms though sometimes what we think of as normal is not. Most people don't go around talking about their bowel habits. And sometimes, stress can act as a trigger. So maybe he should at least get a blood test. BTW after being re-diagnosed, my 90 year old aunt complained of problems. She was tested and came back positive. Had stomach problems all her life as did my grandmother.
  7. I have had all of the chicken dishes and have trouble deciding which one to order. They are all good. We can also have the steak - I think it's Steak Florentine? without the grill baste. Did you know that Outback, Carraba's and Bonfish Grill all are connected and allhave =gluten-free menus? I highly recommend Bonefish Grill.
  8. There is a fabulous bread recipe that has been posted on this site. It is for gluten free flax bread and the recipe can be found at www.recipezaar.com It is so much better than the breads you can buy. I have not tried any of the mixes, however. This bread can also be modified and the recipe is very forgiving. The first time I made it, I didn't have the flax meal and subsituted almond meal. The bread actually rised, so it has more of the "bread" consistency. I also formed into into rolls - trying to make hamburger buns - they were too small for hamburgers but were great for sandwiches.
  9. Thanks again for the suggestions. We ate at Franco Bravo on Penn Avenue. The waiter was very responsive. I had a blue fin tune coated in sasame seeds with a honey habenero glaze on top of stir fried veggies. It was one of the best meals I have ever eaten - gluten-free or filled with gluten. I couldn't find out anything about gluten-free pasta though. My colleagues liked it so much we actually went back another ight during our stay. That time I had scallops and shrimp and a spumoni/fresh berries dessert. James is the waiter who took care of us. He was fantastic.
  10. There is also a Chipotle on Michigan Avenue. They don't deliver, but you can fax in your order and not wait in the long lines. I order frequently and have never been sick, but I may not be the most sensitive person. I get the burrito bowl with chicken.
  11. Your non-celiac friends will definitely like Adobo. My gluten-free son had a 30th birthday party there and his friends raved about the food. The CSA had their annual lunch at Ben Pao this year, so they should have a gluten-free menu now. They select a different restaurant each year and work with the staff. Then after the luncheon, the restaurant usually keeps the gluten-free menu. That is what happened at Wildfire and Weber Grill. Have a good time.
  12. When I order this pizza it is not cut at all. I have had it about 10 times and have never been sick.
  13. Will be at a conference in Pittsburgh in June - Looking for recommendations for eating out. Have found the Outback and Ruth's chris locations. We will be at the Hilton on Commonwealth Place.
  14. The same people who run Vinci also have 2 Mexican-type restaurants - Adobo Grill. One on in Old Town - North & Wells - very close to Second City. The other is at Division and Damen. They make the guacamole right at the table and celieacs can subsitute jicama chips for the tortilla chips. Killer margaritas and a dessert - chocolate tamale!!!! My son is having his 30th birthday party at the one on Damen in a private room. His friends like to food and drinks and he knows he will eat well and safely.
  15. I see you are allergic to asparagus. I am too. The skin tests were iffy, but I break out in severe hives within hours or so of eating it? What is your reaction? Have you always been allergis to asparagus? My reaction just started 4 years ago. I had eaten asparagus for more than 50 years without a reaction.
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