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  1. I have a 4 year old boy that weighs 26# and a 2 year old girl that weighs 23#. My daughter has never had gluten, our...
  2. Maiko

    Possible Celiac- 4 Year Old

    Hi Kennessee, We're military too. I have 4 kids and 3 have been diagnosed with celiac disease, just FYI, the insurance...
  3. Maiko

    30th Wedding Anniversary

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I hope to be there in 16 years. *wink*
  4. Maiko

    I'm A Proud Momma!

    Congratulations!!!! I hope he grows and gains weight every day so he'll be able to come home soon!
  5. Maiko

    Family Decission?

    I agree with psawyer, that specialist is wrong. I have 2 boys that were diagnosed after biopsies; my youngest was...
  6. Maiko

    Facebook Group

    I just put in a request to join.
  7. Maiko

    Problem For Parent Going Gluten Free?

    I've had some similar thoughts myself. My boys were recently diagnosed and our household is going gluten-free. My...
  8. I'm jealous. *wink* I'm going to do some research, this sounds like a great opportunity!
  9. Maiko

    No More Seizures!

    Oh wow, I hope she stays seizure free. Good luck Susan!!
  10. Maiko

    Neg Blood Tests, Now What?

    I have 2 children that have been diagnosed after gene testing and endo/biopsy. My oldest is waiting for her gene test...
  11. Our Pediatric GI's office uses Kimball Genetics - they've done tests on 2 of our kids, DD's cheek swab is in the mail...
  12. Jacksonville, FL? We're in Jacksonville, NC. I can suggest one if you're in NC.
  13. Exactly - no need for gluten to be in the body for this test.
  14. Maiko

    Gi Appt

    If I were you, I'd take a folder of information just in case he/she starts to question you. If the appointment goes...
  15. Maiko

    Babies With Celiac

    In our case, I think we were blessed with a great doctor. A short history- I was diagnosed with IUGR at 32/34 weeks...