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  1. Brooklyn528

    Udi's Bread!`

    The bread is wonderful. No toasting needed. I just defrosted, took it out of the package, and put butter on it. It was...
  2. Brooklyn528

    Elevated Liver Enzymes

    Hello! My LFT's were also elevated at diagnosis, but mine were in the 200's range. Slight elevations in LFT's like the...
  3. I just got some oats that I need to try. Does anyone have a good gluten-free recipe for oatmeal raisin cookies that I...
  4. Hi, I have started a Celiac support group in my area. It will include anybody willing to drive to Brazil, Indiana for...
  5. Hello. When I went to the CSA conference this year, Dr. Robert Greene, the foremost thinker and researcher on celiac...
  6. Brooklyn528

    5yo Daughter Getting Egd In The Am.

    Fiddle Faddle- Hello. If you notice in my first post, I state that he is not very intune. He is an older GI and he is...
  7. Brooklyn528

    5yo Daughter Getting Egd In The Am.

    Hello Everyone! Just wanted to update you on how my little trooper did yesterday. She was soo worried all the way...
  8. Brooklyn528

    5yo Daughter Getting Egd In The Am.

    Great advice with the food and drink on the way home. It didn't even cross my mind. I will do that now though. Thanks...
  9. Hello Everyone! Well, after two months of having bloodwork showing positive IgG antibodies, my daughter is getting...
  10. Brooklyn528


    You might need some more fiber. Try a supplement like Benefiber or Metamucil. You can get the store brands which are...
  11. Brooklyn528

    My Health Is Going Downhill

    About the AIH, You can have you PCP check your liver enzymes(LFT's) and your ANA level. These are the tests that are...
  12. Hello. About the wines, you have to watch out on those. Alot of them have gluten in them. I went to the Celiac Sprue...
  13. Brooklyn528

    Just Diagnosed

    Hello girls! I am also 24 and I was diagnosed in January of this year. First off, some food suggestions. Kinnikinnick...
  14. Brooklyn528

    My Health Is Going Downhill

    I was having the same kind of problem after going gluten free. I was still super tired all the time, moody, bad acne...
  15. Brooklyn528

    Predisone - Refractory Sprue - Lupus

    Hello. I myself am now on long term Prednisone treatment for Autoimmune Hepatitis. I started at 50mg a day, and I have...