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    north myrtle beach sc

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Recovering slowly.. after 25 years of misdiagnosis by the medical community,I'm done with them except for pain management.Live on the coast of South Carolina,smack middle of the Redneck Riviera,capital of the Calabash fried food movement.They fry BUTTER down here.Really.Love to walk the beach, shoot pool,play with my dog,cook,read,paint, watch/collect movies(fiancee and I have about 6000 now).If there are any other people down here,I'd love to meet you..it does get a little lonely..

  1. I know it's a dedicated facility..that's why I can't pin down why that happened, and I'm still willing to venture it was something else..but do not want to take the chance again.
  2. It was the chocolate chunk..the regular,not the double chocolate.Had it all over my feet and ankles,along with stomach pain and nausea.I also had some pain and bloating from their pizza crust mix,but at the time, I wrote it off to something else.Now I'm wondering.
  3. Did you get a rash from Pamela's cookies? I sure the hell did..and horrible stomach pain. I've been using their products for ages,and never had an issue until last month.
  4. Mother's rice cakes,Rice Chex,Pamela's cookies.Won't even discuss eating out..too many problems to mention at too many places.
  5. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!