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  1. dedeadge

    Missing School

    JosieDaisy, I have a 15-yr old daughter who was diagnosed w/ celiac disease 13 months ago and has been gluten-free since...
  2. has not set their status

  3. dedeadge

    Celiac Disease Convention

    Can you provide more information, or a website, regarding this CSA conference in Minneapolis this summer?
  4. dedeadge

    Waiting, Waiting, Waiting...

    Don't accept the "it's not Celiac" so easily. It took 4 years to finally diagnose my now 14-yr daughter with Celiac...
  5. dedeadge

    High Gluten Diet - 1 Tbs Gold Medal Flour A Day

    I failed to mention that my daughter is being tested (again) for celiac. She needs to be on a high gluten diet for three...
  6. 13-yr old daughter needs to be on a high gluten diet, specifically 1 Tbs gold medal flour a day. She's not a sweet eater...
  7. Definitely call your doctor and ask for additional information. An inflamed esophagus could be many things, two of which...