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  1. dwillia75

    Diagnosed Last Night

    Hi and welcome! I was diagnosed when I was 50 after years and years of seeing specialists, having surgeries, and taking...
  2. dwillia75

    Does Anyone Else Have Other Auto Immune

    Hi. I have Hashimoto's and Raynaud's syndrome.
  3. dwillia75

    Celiacs From Tennessee?

    Hi, Bob - I would appreciate your favorite recipes. I'm still in the learning stages and am stuck eating about the same...
  4. dwillia75

    Does The Insomnia Get Better?

    I had Celiac symptoms for 30 years before I was diagnosed. For the last 8 years, I was prescribed Lunesta, and then...
  5. dwillia75

    French Fries

    We seldom eat out, but I want to be as safe as I can if I do go to any restaurant. Personally, I feel that the best...
  6. dwillia75

    Celiacs From Tennessee?

    Hi! My name is Diane, and I live outside Memphis in Bartlett. I was recently diagnosed with Celiac and would love to...