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    Sounds like a great guy! Hope you have a wonderful time.
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    Ibs And Celiac?

    Thank you for your replies everyone. So, a few years ago I was officially diagnosed with IBS by my doctor, with minimal testing I'll admit. I now do not have insurance so I cannot go back for a celiac test, or other tests for that matter. I have tried to go gluten-free to test myself (I was very diligent and careful about it) and also cut out dairy at that time too. I think I went gluten-free for roughly a month or so and did not see much, if any change. I know a month isn't THAT long, but from what I've read, I should have seen some improvement?
  3. anyone diagnosed with both? do you have a hard time telling the symptoms apart? how do you manage them?
  4. Since I don't have the chance to get tested right now, sounds like a strict gluten free diet sounds like the best idea. This board is very helpful and understanding. I appreciate it.
  5. Thanks for your descriptive input. Very helpful. So, if I decide to try a gluten free diet, I should continue it for 2-3 months? Is that how long it typically takes to see real improvement?
  6. I appreciate your input. I try and consume a lot of water, but probably don't get enough. I'm currently not having daily diarrhea right now, more towards constipation the past couple of months. Thanks
  7. A couple years ago I went to a GI doctor and was diagnosed with IBS with virtually no testing. She did some blood work, but to my knowedge did not test for celiac. I can't say I agree that it's just IBS. I have not gotten any relief from meds, diet changes, and I am not under stress. Initially I went to the doctor because I was having daily diarrhea. (Not too many times in a single day, but it was still daily) Now I seem to go back and forth between constipation and occassional loose stools. But I would say more constipation as of lately. The thing is, even when my stool is normal formed, I still get a lot of pain before, during, and/or after I go to the bathroom. As for my abdominal pain, I get cramping sometimes (not daily, but when I get it, its very painful!) I have an overall uncomfortable feeling in my abdomen. Like there's a lot of pressure or a tightness. (I feel this daily. I have not had one day where I haven't had discomfort, and that isn't characteristic of IBS MOST of the time..) I also feel this odd feeling that my ribs on my left side are bumping into something. (Hard to explain!) I will list other symptoms that I have experienced at one point or another: -Frequent headaches -I am often dizzy despite my iron levels being normal -Chronically chapped lips, does not matter what I put on them! -For a while last year I went through weeks of just overall 'feeling out of it" -I have a rash on my abdomen that comes and goes. It doesn't itch but it feels kind of prickly at times. It's red/pink and not raised. It has been coming and going for months now. -I have never been able to gain weight. I am very underweight for my size -For as long as I can remember I have always had horrible teeth in the way of weak enamel requiring a lot of cavities to be filled) -and the digestive problems I explained (these started out of no where!) Opinions and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I currently am uninsured at the moment and not able to go to the doctor.