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  1. Sorry to hear of your problem. The deal is, if you have never been sick with this crap, you just don`t understand. People...
  2. AHHHH!!!!!!!! You got zapped by the chips. One of my biggest first mistakes, and I paid dearly also. Here is the deal...
  3. I have the same deal with my mom. I`ve been gluten-free for 5 years. She has every symptom in the book and the docs...
  4. merry0709

    Gluten Free Foods

    I`ve been gluten-free for 5 years. This is what I do. If you have a Trader Joe`s nearby, they have alot of gluten-free...
  5. I`ve been gluten-free for almost 5 years. I was really really sick when I finally figured it out and got off. It initially...
  6. merry0709

    What Are Your "glutened" Symptoms?

    I get all the same symptoms as everyone else has pretty much stated. Amazing, and quite comforting to know it isn`t in...
  7. merry0709

    Does The Craziness Go Away?

    I noticed that when I first went off the gluten, I was very agitated and felt like I was going to lose it all of the...
  8. For me, I try to be as careful as possible without coming off as crazy anal. It`s hard. Usually the mom and pop non...