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  1. http://www.usbiotek.com/Services-96General.htm They offer IgG and IgE Elisa food allergy testing. Thought that was cool because food allergies are not only mediated by IgG that york tests for.
  2. http://www.usbiotek.com/Services-96General.htm They offer IgG and IgE Elisa food allergy testing. Thought that was cool because food allergies are not only mediated by IgG that york tests for.
  3. I think the sensitivity MAY be gone and not should be gone. It depends on the immune response mounted. Antibodies do cross react so maybe there is some cross reaction going on so your husband has some antibodies that are reacting to their lentil antigen? Just a thought. They use IgG Elisas to test food allergies in animals all the time. It is standard. I'm sorry I don't think quackwatch.com is a reliable source.
  4. They may also be due to a zinc deficiency. Mine are and have to take zinc daily or else I get them.
  5. Deb, the life of antibodies vary a lot. Some viral and bacterial diseases we are immune to for the rest of our lives and others we are not. I know they (especially viruses) change rapidly so we have to get yearly vaccines for some and not others, but in general how long antibodies stay around in your body varies a lot so these antibodies could show up for years after not eating the item and contamination especially with nuts is so common that they could help keep antibody levels present in your blood even if we haven't had them in a long time. To explain lifelong immunity, scientists believe that there is some antigen (so some nut proteins or viral proteins) library in the thymus and they periodically cause reactivation of antibodies so we get life long immunity even to things that are not harmful and without exposure. I will try to find out more because I am having the same questions.
  6. Thank you all for the responses. I really just think I'm frustrated. I was all ready to test positive for wheat but not ready to test positive for milk and veggies. I thought yeast may have been the culprit but wheat allergies are more common so I thought that is what it would be. So I was all ready to deal with a wheat allergy but not I have different allergies and I don't really know what do to. Everything you are saying makes sense and I understand, I'm just being a baby. Thank you for listening. gf4life, Thanks for explaining your soy allergies. Ours sound really similar. Yeah, a lot of people were like "oh, no" when I told them I was getting tested for allergies because they were like then may be you will be allergic to everything! Thanks ajlauer, yeast is in almost everything! What am I going to do without mayo! I really like vinigar products. I eat french fries to eat the ketchup. Ok, being a baby again. I have a hard time with monitoring my stools because usually it takes some time to cause changes in them. If I eat more and more wheat, then I get mucus on them and I start going more frequently but that takes a while and seems really dependent on wheat I eat. Bagels are like laxatives for me (I still love them though!) and then other wheat products don't do anything (maybe that is because of the yeast?). Well, now I have a list of things to elimnate so I can start an elimation diet and see what happens. Thanks all!
  7. Thanks Judy, Actually my itch due to soy is delayed by a day or 2 so I'm confused. I will have to review my immuno again.
  8. I still think my allergy results are bogus. They don't make sense at all. I eat eggs, milk, spinach, onions a lot and almost on a daily basis. I eliminated dairy before and it didn't help my gi symptoms. They only improved when I eliminated wheat. I've just never seen an allergy profile with 4 veggies on it. They aren't common allergies and I think that is wierd. It may not have picked up soy because maybe it is IgA, IgE or IgM mediated (have to review my immunology to remember each) so I'm kind of ok with that. I just think my results wierd and it doesn't really make a lot of sense for me. I just don't understand. I guess I will have to call york labs. Has anyone had any luck in getting them to redo your test? I feel like they mixed up my results with someone elses. Thank you for listening to my vent.
  9. So I tested positive for Onions the most, and then 1+ for: string beans cow's milk (what should I drink if I'm allergic to cow's milk and soy (altough york didn't find that?!) and need to follow a low glycemic index diet?) spinach millet (what is millet?) yeast I should rotate lettuce and egg whites So I guess most of my gi problems associated with bread have been due to yeast? I'm going to have to look into this more but what all has yeast? And some to cow's milk. I'm really surprised that it didn't pick up soy. I get itchy if I eat it. I eat it anyways and ate it before I submitted my blood. Any ideas? Oh, it took like 4 weeks to get my results. Thanks, Melanie
  10. Hi, I got my test results today. I'm a little confused by them but thought I would let you know I got them. I think it took 4 to 5 weeks.
  11. I mailed mine 3 weeks ago and hope to hear soon (expecting to wait 4-6 weeks). Do you think I should contact them after 8 weeks. Glad you heard.
  12. I went there this weekend and they told us after a half hour of waiting that they were out of most fish and only had shrimp and lobster. I won't go there again.
  13. Hey Kandee, I got my kit from York and it took like 1.5 weeks to get here. It wasn't hard to do and I sent it off. I hope I hear from them soon. Just wanted to let you know no problems so far. What is IgE RAST? melanie
  14. I think I found out somewhere that Great Smokie labs charged $525. I don't think I found it on the webpage, I think someone else said it was that much on another message board. They are a well repected lab. I would have went with them if I had the extra money. The next most reliable and accepted seems to be York labs. I just ordered my test from them and will post how it goes. I only heard one person really say they were delayed and such. One lady wasn't happy with the results because she didn't believe her husband was allergic to some items he tested positive for. Those are the only negative comments I remember. Most people here use Enterolab but there is a lot of conflict about whether using stool samples is reliable, accurate and representative. I'm not sure why so many pick enterolab. Good luck with your decision. I was/am pretty confused about which on is the best lab.
  15. Ok, it is Great Smokie Labs: http://www.gsdl.com/home/assessments/finds...immunology.html They were recommended by a lady with Celiac here. It took her a while to get dxed and they sent her blood samples there.
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