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  1. Hi Twiggy, My wife had a blood test and endoscopy done recently and the results were negative for celia disease. She has the same symptoms of many people here on this forum and two weeks ago, she decided to go GLUTEN FREE, even though we don't have difinitive answers as to what is causing her symptoms. Its frustrating not getting any answers, however she has been feeling better since she went gluten free and is afraid to even try anything with gluten for fear that her symptoms will return. I think you made the right decision, the diet is not harmful and in many respects better for you. Welcome to the post, there are many people here who are very knowledgeable and have great advice...they have certainly helped me and my wife. Good luck!
  2. I spoke to my wife's GI doctor's nurse and she informed me that my wife's endoscopy biopsy results were back, she said the following: 1. NEGATIVE for Celiac Disease 2. H-pylori positive - bacteria in my wife's stomach The bacteria she believes may be the causing my wife's problems in her digestive system: she has been experiencing GAS, BLOATING, SEVERE STOMACH CRAMPS, diahrea, anxiety, feelings of vomiting, etc. On Friday, we decided to go gluten free and eat only products that are gluten free. Prior to Friday my wife was only eating soup everyday adn that was even making her sick and aggravating her symptoms...since we switched to Gluten Free on friday and over the weekend we purchased gluten-free foods from Whole Foods...she has been feeling better, her symptoms gone and she has been sleeping better. Today, she went to work and she informed me that after eating her lunch (gluten-free soup, meat, and tortillas, and ginger ale) she has been feeling great. I told the nurse that she has switched to gluten-free diet and that her symptoms are better and she is feeling better, and the nurse said that she can continue on the gluten-free diet if it helps. My wife is going to be given 2 antiobiotics and an anti-acid med to get rid of the bacteria...I'm disappointed that the nurse just discounted celiac disease so quickly or didn't even dig deeper into whether she may be gluten intolerant... Has anybody here had a endoscopy and biopsy that came back negative but is gluten intolerant or still may be at risk for celiac disease? Any advice on what other tests we can do or what we should do now? Thanks in advance!
  3. Dear HeatherJane... I read your response to the author of the topic. My wife has been having severe symptoms for years now and a few months ago we went to see our family doctor. Blood work done and it came back normal except for iron levels low. She was prescribed Iron pills and its possible that her levels are normal now. However her symptoms persisted and she was told by our doctor to eliminate diary products for two weeks, symptoms persisted and she was also tested for celiac disease through blood but it was negative. Because her symptoms got worse after going back to regular diet, we were referred to a GI doctor and a week ago she had an endoscopy and colonoscopy. We are waiting for the biopsy results as the doctor will look into whether she is gluten intolerant. It saddens and is painful to watch my wife be in so much pain everyday. Today she said her symptoms are worse, fatigue, severe stomach pain and she said that it feels as if she was run over by a car. She is also having feelings of sadness, depression and anxiety.... Can you share with me how you got gluten free? What does one have to do to be gluten free? What is your daily diet for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks? We plan on going back to the doctor to as for a thyroid test, and a CT scan. What are your options now? Have you been diagnosed with Celiac Disease? Your help is great appreciated!
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    My wife LOVES chocolate and needs to have it quite often (sweet tooth)...except that she might have celia disease and be allergic to gluten...over the holiday we were at an Arts & Craft Festival and we stopped by the LARABAR booth and got their giveaways. We noticed the sign that said "GLUTEN FREE, SOY FREE, LACTOSE FREE"....they make chocolate candy!! My wife is happy! website: http://www.larabar.com/
  5. Thank you for sharing your outline of your meals. I will share this with my wife and I'm sure she will want to model it. She did have a blood test done and it came back negative. She was told to stay off dairy foods for 2 weeks and the symptoms were not reduced. She went back to eating regular foods, she eats a lot of wheat products, high fiber foods and fruits and vegetables and drinks lots of water. Her symptoms were the same. That's when her GI doctor decided to do an endoscopy and a biopsy. Dr. told her that she was allergic to foods but wasn't sure what and is waiting for results to determine if she has celiac disease. In the mean time, she has been eating soups, salads, some fruits but her symptoms persist and are very painful. She has been missing a lot of days at work because of her pains. She is so frustrated that she doesn't want to eat out of fear that her symptoms will become worse. Thanks again for your advice!
  6. My wife and I recently became married. She has been having digestive symptoms for over 20 years, she never went to the doctors for fear of physicians. During courtship she would confide in me her symptoms gas, bloating, diarhea, severe stomach pain, and more. Her symptoms became worse and at my suggestion and encouragement she decided to seek medical help. We are awaiting results from a biopsy test, however since we have been married I have noticed a pattern, while she experiences these digestive symptoms all day and night; which they seem to get worse after eating, she is tells me quite often that she feels sad (doesn't know why), feels scared (doesn't know why) in her stomach, and seems down a lot....like depression. I don't know what to do other than hug her and hold her and tell her everything is going to be okay. I recently came across a byline in an article that mentioned something that Celiac Disease can cause depression. Can someone please help me find references or information about this possible link? Also is my wife's symptoms of sadness, fear and depression related to hormones? Thyroid glands? Celiac Disease? Nutrition deficiency? What can we do about it or get it checked out with doctors? Thanks in advance!
  7. My wife has been having the following symptoms for a number of years: bloating, gas, severe stomach pain, cramps, etc...she is lactose intolerant, iron deficient which she has been given iron meds to bring the iron levels to normal. We recently married and fortunately my medical insurance is good and we starting seeing a GI doctor. Last week she underwent a endoscopy and colonoscopy...doctor said her intenstines were fine, and we are waiting for the biopsy results which we should get this week. In the mean time, my wife and I have been via trial and error eliminating dairy foods/products, she eats a lot of high fiber foods, fruits and vegetables, but everything we try seems to aggravate her symptoms, even if she is not eating, she feels the symptoms...we are frustrated and I really want to figure out what she can eat in the mean time while we get the results if she has celiac disease (we feel she does, but need to know for sure).....what kinds of easy to digest food can she eat???? She is accustomed to eating wheat bread with fiber and sandwhiches to work, and salads, fruits??? I know that gluten is a protein found in grains, but maybe we can eliminate this from her diet, but what can she eat??? Help please! does anybody have a recommendation for: breakfast, lunch and dinner and what she can take to work?? Thanks in advance!