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  1. Hi there. I only use Tylenol brand as I have been glutened by other brands. Try googling Tylenol and you will see which of their products are test gluten free.
  2. Hi there. Are you sure your symptoms are because you were glutened? Could be that you have developed a sensitivity to something else such as lactose or nightshades(tomatoes etc.) alot of us here have found other foods we can't eat anymore after going gluten free. I would double check all your Uncles ingredients to look for possible gluten and if you don't find any then it could be the moz cheese or tomatoes...
  3. For me I get these symptoms from potatoe starch and sometimes corn.
  4. Hi there. I have been gluten free for a year now. My main lower ab stuff cleared up right away but my other symptoms haven't - extreme fatique, upper body gas etc. The remaining symptoms have been slowly getting worse. I recently found out that I can't eat night shades anymore and avoiding these has made some difference. I am starting the specific carbohydrate diet as I am sure I have leaky gut and hope this will help.
  5. Hi there. First post so hope this works. I have another celiac person who is trying to tell me that wine has gluten because wineries use barley enzime to frement the yeast. She claims to have gotten this info from a winery. All the books etc. that I have read say that wine does not have gluten unless aged in oak barrels and even then it is debatable. I can't find anything about the yeast. Anyone know?
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