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    Learning, Cooking, Geometry (I know, weird, huh?), Human Brain, Tea, Reading
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About Me

I am a fun-loving, strange kind of girl. I have two kids, I am married. I was told I may have Celiac Disease last month, however I could not afford the testing required to confirm. Instead of continuing being sick just for a test, I decided to start removing gluten, dairy and a few other ingredients from my diet, and, while I still have occasional bouts of yuckiness I feel so much better on my new diet.

Over the last few years I have alsoo discovered I have problems with soy and eggs. The problem is that my worst four assaulters are also in almost ANY premade food.

Luckily I LOVE to cook, and experiment in my cooking. Having these bad reactions to food is like a challenge to me, a new adventure! I get to experiment with all sorts of cool flavors, and new items that I never knew exhisted before!

I must admit, I was scared, depressed and frustrated at first, but now I am ready to open this new chapter in my life with as much joy as I had before I knew I had gluten problems.

  1. I love your attitude and so young! My first thoughts when dx was, thank god it's not cancer, food I can do!!

  2. Yup, I am intollerant to all the good comfort food stuff (you know, all the things that Thanksgiving is about): Gluten, Dairy, eggs and soy. It was sad for me at first. I am Itallian, I love pasta and cheese. Darn.
  3. My family has been making this recipe for years. I am trying to adapt it to my new needs before Thanksgiving this year. First of all... the pumpkin. Choose small pumpkins which are raised specifically for eating, they have a better flavor. You can also use any kind of winter squash, and a blend...
  4. I have an AMAZING pumpkin pie family recipe which calls for Evaporated Milk. Does anyone know a good substitute for this? One of my major food intollerances is dairy, and being that this is my first gluten-free Thanksgiving, I need to do some experimenting now before I have guests around my table...