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  1. Tinky pasta is good -- but it overcooks easily, so watch it carefully.
  2. Due to time constraints, I do most of the cooking in our house (DH has a very busy job and often works late; I own my own web business and have very flexible hours). He was diagnosed celiac in October and we've been gluten-free in our house...
  3. We were up to my family's house for the obligatory holiday visit this past weekend, our first holiday since my husband was diagnosed. Everyone in my family was mostly curious about gluten-free living and what celiac disease was and all that...
  4. My husband is the same way -- he says I'm much more vigilant about it than he is. He was diagnosed with celiac disease three months ago. We're also completely gluten-free at home -- except my breakfast cereal, and beer, which I still drink...
  5. Babaganoush is also wonderful. It's an eggplant spread. Tahini is generally ground sesame seeds but read the ingredients first. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ellie-k...cipe/index.html
  6. Well, my test results came back and looks like I am negative. This isn't a surprise since the correlation between my digestive upsets and eating wheat were weak (it seemed to have more to do with eating out than eating wheat in particular...
  7. After going gluten-free at home with my husband, who was diagnosed with celiac disease, I noticed that when I ate out and ate wheat, I'd have some digestive issues. I wasn't sure if this was from eating out or whether I too might have an...
  8. We're entering Week 5 of gluten free. I bought a copy of Cecelia's Gluten Free Grocery Guide, which helps where the Wegman's friendly yellow Gs leave off. It's small enough to carry in my purse. We've been experimenting with cuisines...
  9. I guess my husband is unusual because he had no real digestive symptoms before he was diagnosed. He was diagnosed as a result of finding out that he was severely anemic, after a routine blood panel his doctor ordered to check his cholesterol...
  10. If you are going to do any gluten-free baking, you want to look at your baking tins, trays, and pans. Dark-colored pans will brown gluten-free baked goods too quickly. You will want to replace any dark-colored baking tins with light-colored...
  11. Well, it may have been a very good thing. I started noticing my own digestive issues when we went gluten free, and then when I would eat gluten containing foods when we went out to dinner. I just got tested yesterday myself. So it might...
  12. It's never a good idea to do any kind of testing while a person is ill or taking antibiotics. Just to be on the safe side, wait until she's well and off the antibiotics, and then do the testing.
  13. From the perspective of a beer drinker, Redbridge is, at best, okay. I suppose if you primarily drink American-style beers like Coors or Budweister, it's fine. But if he's a real beer fan who drinks microbrews and craft beers, it's not even...
  14. Our local Red Robin (Rochester, NY) not only has a gluten-free menu -- they even have a separate fryer just for the gluten-free menu where they don't fry anything breaded. Apparently this is pretty common now in Red Robins.
  15. Rothane

    Mac And Cheese

    Ooh, I love butternut squash. I might try subbing that for the cauliflower next time.