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  1. I did a Google search for duracream and it comes up as a vet product for cows. Any idea of the ingredients in the compound your pharmacist makes? Thanks for any info. I am undiagnosed DH but have had a rash since 1995 altho it's better now than ever after 1 year gluten-free. The derm did a biopsy in 1998 but was not positive.
  2. Hi, Kathy Mac, have you gone or have you been gluten-free? I have DQ2 and another for gluten sensitivity but my blood work in 2000 was negative, however my daughter was biopsy proven celiac 1/05 at age 20 after having been "sick" all her life. We both went gluten-free a year ago. I understand your bloodwork was negative but had you been gluten-free when you had tests done by Enterolab? I'm not sure if I should or not. I basically have a skin problem that derm's have not diagnosed as DH but is quite a bit like that. Allergy tests in '98 (skin) show reactions to nearly everything breathed or edible. Any suggetion? I agree that it would be well worth anyone's $$ to have the tests. I have 2 adult daughters, one of whom refuses to be tested and another who will when she recovers from RAI for Graves disease (autoimmune thyroid) which I also have. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I recently read a warning about colognes, perfumes, after shave; it was stated that the alcohol could contain gluten and I don't understand that. I wonder if anyone has any ideas about this? I don't like fragrances, even my husband's aftershave but I have significant allergies as well. Thanks for any input.
  4. cindyann

    Night Sweats

    What type of allerygy testing did you have done? What symptoms made you suspect allergies? Thanks.
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    Thanksgiving Issue

    Hi, I'm sorry, I didn't log out as my daughter, Megan, and replied to the previous message. Cindy
  6. Hi, I understand where one is coming from with regard to eating; I was tested for celiac disease in 2000 w/negative bloodwork; my daughter was diagnosed 1/05, + bloodwork and biopsy. I was allergy tested (skin prick) in 1998 and in addition to inhalants am allergic to many foods including wheat, oats, rye, barley, corn, soy, milk, casein, eggs and most fruits and vege's. I haven't been able to eliminate all and had ignored most of this until Meg's diagnosis 4 months ago. I had gene testing done and have DQ2 and DQ1. I went gluten-free with Megan and altho she's away at college, it has helped us both. I hope to have allergy testing done again and am thinking about using the SAGE method, costly but tests IGE and IGG reactions. Was diagnosed insulin resistant last July and with a weight loss of 14# reversed that by October but began having spells attributed by the doc to low blood sugar. The past 3 weeks I've been having the "spells" again, probably due to adding too much sugar into my gluten-free diet compared to a diabetic type diet. I agree that one nearly wants to not eat. After my allergy diagnosis, I lost 5# the first 2 weeks following those guidelines. I'm frustrated much of the time and at a loss as to what I should really be doing. Thanks for letting me vent. Cindy