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  1. Ok - I have been on the diet and eliminated most dairy too but still have bad diarrhea. It is embarrassing and annoying. My doctor said to take Prilosec - but that was for heart burn (stomach acid)!??? How long does it take for NORMAL BMs - it is so lame to be asking this but where else can you ask other people!? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the info. I had my 5 year old tested and found out that she was normal. Right now that is. I think their suggestion was to wait 3 years b/f the next test. I am thinking of waiting a little bit with my 3 year old. The GP suggested this. Of course if I start seeing something that could link them together then I will opt for testing immediately.
  3. L13

    Glutened In My Own House!

    I am new to the celiac disease world (recently diagnosed) but have had it for 6 years (pain and misery that I just "lived with") In my research I have heard after you have been glutenized drink Aloe Juice. Haven't tried it yet but what the heck if it helps! www.glutenfreefreak.com - seems like a weird site though...
  4. Thanks for the info. Was going to get one but figured I would research it first! Wendy's it is
  5. I am in the process of getting diagnosed with celiac disease. I haven't heard from Doc and all blood panels where very high - so I have a very good chance that it is. My girls are 5 & 3. When should I get them tested? Their doctor says they are probably to young unless they have symptoms. Maddi does get Headaches and egsima which I don't know is unrelated or not. El - seems fine. Should I wait on that? Also would my insurance cover it (generally?)
  6. L13

    gluten-free Thanksgiving

    This will be my first Thanksgiving at my parents house and they are trying to be accommodating to my new needs and I am concerned that something will get missed. I know this is a new way of life but I am freaking out and looking at the food as if something is hidden inside that can hurt me. I know my parents will have the Gluten-Free stuff but it is the cross contamination that I am most concerned about. They think I am "overkill" on this and being too dramatic. I am not dramatic at all - just careful. I think if they make the turkey in the roast with no stuffing and get one that is Gluten-Free (any recommendations?) and then the mashed potatoes and some other stuff I should be good. I may go early to make sure nothing gets cross-contaminated and then bring a just in case frozen meal. I would love to bring pumpkin pie. EASY recipe please. I think I will by the premade crust at whole foods (I suck at baking). Then can I just use the standard recipe????
  7. I recently had a blood panel done (Sept 09) and it was Very Positive. Friday I had my biopsy. However, my doctor (on our first visit and b/f my biopsy) said that he likes to do 2 biopsies. He does one to confirm and then another in 5-6 months to make sure my body is healing. I have never heard that and don't like the idea of that. I am very disappointed by that b/c it is invasive and a simple blood panel will test negative if I am doing well with my diet. I may have to switch doctors - I will if I have to but I want to have him a second chance. Maybe I read him wrong...
  8. L13

    When Should I Try? Help

    I just got my biopsy and pretty sure it will come back positive. Haven't heard anything yet. I miscarried at the beginning of the this year (March 09) and was 8.5 weeks. I didn't know that it could have been b/c of celiac disease. I am concerned b/c I have a 3.5 & 5.5 year old and want another child. We were already supposed to start trying. I read 2 months of Gluten-Free and you could try again. Has anyone heard that? My doctor is saying 5-6 months from now. I know to him that is not a big deal but it is to me. However, if it means not another miscarriage - or other issues then it is worth it. I just don't know if I want to wait and if we "have" to I may be done. I don't want a large span of time b/w kids. I have 2 sisters and we are very close whereas my husband has 2 siblings and they don't even talk about they are 5 years apart. I know each family is different and there are so many stories but I want them to share growing up together. I don't know I am annoyed and confused. He is also saying he wants to do ANOTHER biopsy to check my status after those 5-6 months. Can't he just do another blood screening. I think that is a LITTLE invasive!
  9. I am getting my biopsy Friday and have been eating food that I haven't eaten in a month. My TTG was 152 and AGA was 207 so they say I probably have celiac disease. So saw the doc on Monday and he scheduled for Friday. I haven't gotten sick though as I thought I would. I just ate 2 wheat muffins so I am hoping for something. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to eat to get the best result. ALSO - doc said that he didn't want me to try and get pregnant again for about 5-6mths. I had a MS in March (8.5 wks) So is that about right - I really don't want to wait but don't want another MS - that was really rough...