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    My animals: 1 bichon frise dog, 4 cockatiels, 3 budgerigars (parakeets) 1 lovebird.<br><br>Christianity: I serve my Lord.<br><br>Meeting good people.<br><br>The internet!!
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    Sunshine Coast, Queensland, AUSTRALIA
  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I've been choking a lot when I eat. I don't think it is any particular food. It seems to...
  3. I get blurred vision, dizziness, plus I find it hard to concentrate. It happens often,...
  4. I can't handle having more than two mugs of coffee (instant) a day, or I got a severe stomach...
  5. I'm so pleased you're doing and feeling so well McDougall. Great job! Maggie
  6. I was a silly girl this morning too. Yes, I know you're all shoked. I have been feeling...
  7. Yes McDougal, My pain is worst in the neck and down the back as well. I get it in other...
  8. It is llike a light has come on! This forum is really incredible. There are so many things...
  9. Like you, McDougal, I am really new to this. I was only diagnosed last week through blood...
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