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  1. It is Bob's Red Mill brand so I don't think there it's cross contamination. Also to note, I am not celiac, I am gluten intolerant and never got those symptoms with gluten even, I get other random symptoms.
  2. I made some rolls with teff yesterday, it was my first time cooking with teff and today I had some serious gas, to the point of being painful with stomach cramps. I never really have this type of reaction, and teff is the only new food I...
  3. I have a wheat, milk and nut allergy. I've been looking at multiple cookbooks but all of the ones that say they are for multiple allergies still have recipes that include allergens! I might be able to find one that doesn't have wheat or...
  4. I can't seem to get a definitive answer if oat beta glucan is safe or not. I have a supplement shake that says gluten free but has this in it, but just the name sounds gluten-y haha
  5. For the first 2 weeks of going on an elimination diet I felt GREAT. After 2 weeks I started to feeling horrible and have not been feeling well for about 3 months. I've seen numerous doctors and my labs show something is off, but they can...
  6. Unfortunately I am allergic to nuts, including almonds so almond flour is out. I did notice a post on the specific carbohydrate diet and have requested the book at the library near me. I hope to get it soon! I also tested positive for an...
  7. coriforia


    Bob's Red Mill actually doesn't agree with me either! Except with me it makes my mouth burn, so I figure I'm allergic to something in it. I've used the bread mix and all purpose mix and both do it. Perhaps its the sorghum? I thought it might...
  8. I bought this to try and thought it was safe because it said gluten free but now that I'm looking at it, it has "oat beta glucan" in it. I've done a google search but can't figure out if oat beta glucan means it has gluten. Help please?
  9. I've recently discovered I am gluten-intolerant, I have always struggled with allergies and anxiety and heard about the elimination diet and sure enough, I took out gluten and my allergies and anxiety are almost entirely gone. However, I...
  10. Not nearby, but there I do know of one about 30 minutes away, I'll go check it out. Thank you!!
  11. I'm having the hardest time finding sweet rice flour. I live in Phoenix. I've tried whole foods, sprouts and the organic section at Frys. Anyone know where I could find some?
  12. I'm not sure if this is the correct forum or not, but I've recently found out I can't eat gluten so I picked up Bob's Red mill gluten-free bread mix and the all-purpose flour and both make my mouth burn! Has anyone else had this reaction...