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  1. Internal-Disaster

    My Elimination Diet

    yes I do mean you.....I am just new to this forum and still dont quite got the total drift of it all! So yes it has...
  2. Internal-Disaster

    My Elimination Diet

    Hey there, I was trying to follow all your posts on the topic of Elimination Diets.Are you going to try again to follow...
  3. I love starbucks Lattes and the thought of that alone will cause downfall for me if i dont find an alternative to get...
  4. thanks all for the advice I will try probably all of these one time or another.Sounds good!
  5. I know there is Enjoy Life Brand chocolate chips that are Dairy free soy and gluten free but I am not sure how to incorporate...
  6. I also have issues with toxicity. My body does not clean up and circulate quite right. I do have a sluggish liver and...
  7. really? and I see it had been about 2 months you have been gluten free. I am looking for some hope! Thanks
  8. I have lots of lifetime issues that have never been resolved. I am nervous about some of the issues resemble lyme. I...
  9. I am new here and very confused. I have been unwell of almost my whole 32 years and have been searching for why for ...