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  1. iffy

    Winging It

    Thanks! I don't want to be a supplement junkie. I'll try easing off slowly. It's hard to be vigilant on all fronts. I've had somewhat high cholesterol for years, have refused statins. After my last regular checkup I got much tougher about limiting dairy and more disciplined about lots of veggies. I see the hematology doc soon about the labs for the non-hodgkins lymphoma. He had said my iron was a little low, so I started multivit with iron, nervously, because many years ago iron used to rip up my stomach and cause D. But I've been OK with it, even with lots of spinach and lots of blueberries. Thanks again, and to Raven too. I don't post often, but I'm always lurking here. iffy
  2. iffy

    Winging It

    I've been gluten-free about seven months after self-diagnosis, am doing well after MUCH good advice from this and other celiac websites. I got Dr. Green's new book in January, intending to follow all his advice. But, in tweaking my regimen, I tried a proteolytic enzyme that didn't seem to help (D and reflux being my prime symptoms). I switched from that to digestive enzymes supplying amylase, protease, lipase, ox bile, bromelain, pepsin ... also a probiotic. With that and healthy diet, I'm fine. Dr. Green objects to OTC enzymes, not being FDA approved. He also doesn't like self-diagnosis and subsequent gluten-free diet. But I'm certainly not going to subject myself to agonizing reflux and chronic D and being housebound for months on end just to be tested. At least, it seems that better tests are on the horizon, using saliva or buccal mucosa. But what about these supplements? Are celiac-savvy docs recommending them? iffy
  3. iffy

    Eating Out

    new website, www.lonelyplate.org, is gathering reader reviews on gluten-free restaurants, airlines, Disney and such. Not too much on there yet, but seems like it could be a great resource, especially for travelers and those new to a particular area (or to celiac disease).
  4. iffy

    Saw The Endocrinologist

    Dr. Peter Green's updated version of "Celiac Disease, A Hidden Epidemic" came out yesterday. Just got my copy, haven't read it yet, but he does give the latest thoughts on diagnosis and possible treatments. Iffy
  5. iffy


    Thank you SO much, Welda and Ivanderb. I'll pass all this on to that family. iffy quote name='Welda Johnson' date='15 January 2010 - 12:11 PM' timestamp='1263586278' post='586820'] I LOVE Enterolab! My youngest grandson started projectile vomiting his formula shortly after birth, and had 14 diarrhea diapers in one night. The pediatrician said he just had a "healthy system". Eeks. Then it dawned on me that he probably had allergies to milk, as I do (and grains of course). I spent $350 on a full spectrum test kit from Enterolab, and, sure enough, he was intolerant of all grains, and all milk & dairy. Next I got the sensitivity to grains test for my 3 grown children, and my brother & sister, at $100 per test kit. My 3 kids never used the tests, but my sister & brother did. My sister has it, my brother doesn't. I am intolerant of all grains, all milk & dairy, egg whites, yeast, casein, whey, msg, and maltodextrin & modified food starches that are now derived from corn. Being on the diet is the difference between good health and illness. I highly recommend the Enterolab test kits. Best wishes to you. Let us know if you need any more information on Celiac or any other topic. By the way, my grandson would have crying meltdowns and severe rashes when he would accidentally get glutened or have milk products. It was the difference between a sweet blessing of a child, and someone who was suffering drastically. It's all up to us to take care of these precious gifts. Good luck. Welda
  6. Great advice given. After I diagnosed myself in early Dec. and told the family and then visited them over the holidays, I brought my own stuff, not wanting to be a burden on them last-minute. They were great, interested, and remembering a lot of indications I had missed (like, remember when we went to the big market and I told you I needed to know in advance where the nearest bathroom was; and, if I suddenly disappear, don't worry, I'm in a bathroom somewhere; and on and on.) Also, I was amazed at how many other people they knew who had this too. At my daughter's Christmas dinner, there was a savvy 11-year-old celiac ... it was strange, and kind of sad, to be chatting about hydrolyzed protein with an 11 year old on Christmas Day. In the case of my kids and siblings, I'm talking freely and telling them to look into celiac disease if they have any of these unexplained symptoms, given the genetic component here. iffy
  7. iffy


    My 4 year old granddaughter gets stomach pain often. She's always been a picky eater and she's skinny as a twig though strong and active. They eat very healthy, and I don't think there's any psychological problems. She was checked for celiac, I don't know what they did exactly but it was pretty unpleasant, and turned out negative. I'm going to ask for more specifics, now that I've learned more about celiac for myself. I've looked at Enterolab's website since so many of you talk about it, and I'm wondering, would it be good for them to do a stool sample study? This child was a Terrible Two and an even worse Three, with crazy meltdowns over nothing, but now she's pretty nice. But when I see a website saying that up to 25% of kids have 'functional belly pain' with no explanation that they just outgrow, I wonder if they are incipient undiagnosed celiacs. I thought this child was just wired tighter than some, but I suspect food. She eats lots of pasta, and cheese, and fruit. iffy
  8. iffy

    Off Limits?

    Yes, that one .... and?
  9. I had a couple posts removed where I recommended a specific magazine article or book or website. What's the policy, exactly? People recommend (or not) specific foods ... The forum is wonderful, and I'll abide by any rules, but I don't get it. The magazine article was sent to me by a friend, I probably wouldn't have seen it otherwise, and it was very informative. iffy
  10. A friend sent me a great article from August 2009 Scientific American called "Surprises from Celiac Disease". Highly technical, but VERY informative about causes and what's on the horizon. There's a study on high-risk infants, keeping them gluten-free for their first year (but anecdotally, at least one person said that didn't work for them). But nice to see that science is diligently working on this. Meantime, I've ordered Dr. Peter Green's updated book "Celiac Disease: A Hidden Epidemic", due out Jan. 21. Iffy
  11. iffy


    I'm not super-sensitive, seems my only issues are wheat and gluten. Yesterday I had D all day, and all I can suspect is Nesquik chocolate (made cocoa with Frangelico hazelnut liqueur). The Nesquik container says it's made on equipment that processes wheat. Would the Hershey's syrup be OK? The Frangelico or other liqueurs would not be a problem, would they?
  12. After one week gluten-free, feeling fine. Made scone from Bob's Red Mill sorghum flour recipe, and it was SO good. I didn't have tapioca flour so used a blend. Texture might have been a little better. I don't think I'll be using so many different flours so many recipes call for. I'm going to try and adapt my granola bar recipe. I went to Borders looking for a book on celiac, didn't find much so will go to Amazon if I feel a need, but there is so much on this site, I may skip it. I copied a few recipes, but think I'll be happy with Bob's recipes. By time I go down to visit the kids over Christmas week, I think I'll be taking down scones and muffins to see me through OK. So tonight I'll have some quinoa pasta with spinach and mushrooms and cheese and tomato sauce, and tomorrow I'll have yesterday's excellent turkey chili. My local liquor store said they carry two gluten-free beers, I may try one, but looks like I can have whatever wine. It will be hard to dodge the homemade cookies. Christmas Day my Australian son-in-law will cook his traditional lamb, winter squash, potatoes and peas. All in all, I'm pretty lucky, so far. Good luck and Happy Holidays to everyone out there. iffy
  13. iffy

    New To This

    Thanks!! Wonderful advice, helps motivate me to keep on track, even with the holiday season coming up. I have low thyroid, too, diagnosed when I was a kid, I used to fall asleep at the table listening to the radio, and get hauled off to bed. Iffy
  14. If you shop on-line, I'm very satisfied with www.Lame Advertisement.com, lots of choices, user reviews, etc.
  15. I've been slow to connect the dots, but this site has been extraordinarily helpful. I've never had the pain, bloating or multiple other symptoms that celiacs have, but I get diarrhea without warning and sometimes with little control. I've had this to some degree for ten years. I have a diagnosed hiatal hernia with acid reflux - this year I had severe heartburn that lasted two weeks, scared me and I had an upper GI that showed no change in five years. Dr. gave me Protonix that made no difference at all, diet control was what helped. I had started to suspect gluten, and after reading a lot on celiac, realized that it wasn't the usual suspects that gave me heartburn, but the little wheat crackers I love, biscotti, (and over-eating). I tried adding psyllium husk, seemed to help, but this week I'm starting strict gluten-free to try to sort it all out. I had thought I had IBS, but now I'm sure it's the gluten. There's a genetic component too, I think, my mother claimed she had colitis, had the diarrhea and I don't know what else. I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease this year (non-hodgkins lymphoma), it's not symptomatic and I'm not being treated. I'm 74, never had allergies, so it was a shock, all this, I thought celiacs were born with the condition. Activia yogurt helped me, and I'm thinking of adding a proteolytic enzyme, serrapeptase, after the gluten-free trial. Anyway, thanks for listening, and for this fantastic forum! iffy