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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Last night I tried the Spinach and Feta pizza from Glutino and it was amazing. It was so yummy I had to let everyone know. Karen
  3. Thanks so much for the answers guys on the Easy Bake Ovens. It would be great for me because I am the only one in my family that is gluten free and sometimes I just want a piece of cake or something so the easy bake would be the perfect size. Karen
  4. I read on here some time ago about a gluten free easy bake oven coming out. Does anyone know if that is still happening and when? Karen
  5. I had a fabulous gluten free Thanksgiving as well. The turkey and gravy were the best ever. Usually we cook the stuffing in the turkey but this year we didn't. There was stove top stuffing on the side for the rest of the family to have. I never liked that stuff anyway haha. For something different in the gravy we put apple juice and you couldn't even tell it was in there it was just a yummy gravy. For dessert I bought a rice flour pumpkin pie from Choices which I ate mostly myself except for one piece which my brother tried. There was also regular pumpkin pie for everyone else. Hopefully the Christmas dinners go as well as Thanksgiving did. Karen
  6. For Breakfast : Any of the following depending what I feel like on the day... Toast, Waffles, Scrambled Eggs with green onions, hashbrowns, cereal, sometimes I have leftover brown rice from the night before and add a little milk and brown sugar so yummy like a porridge. For Lunches/Dinners: Recently I had a cooking day where I made a whole bunch of food and froze it in individual containers so that I have stuff to take with me to eat at work. I made Baked potato soup ( I used red potatoes and it was awesome), Broccoli and Cheese soup (I used rice as the thickener not flour), Brown rice and veggie soup, Homemade Mac and cheese ( I make it a couple different ways one of my favs is to make it all in one pot and throw in some veggies and I don't even have to drain it cause I boil the milk and pasta and cheese all in the pot.), Chicken corn chowder, and Chilli. When I am not eating stuff that I have already prepared frozen for myself I will make sandwiches I like Freybe and Grimm's meats, brown rice and stir fried veggies sometimes I put a little Bragg's Seasoning in, plain meat and steamed veggies, Poutine I love poutine I use Alexia Oven Fries, Roads End Organic Gravy or Roux Gravy and whatever kind of cheese I have on hand. That's all I can think of at the moment although I am sure there is a lot more. I tried to vary what I eat so it doesn't get too boring. Karen
  7. I havent scrapbooked in so long it seems. My Creative Memories stuff is staring at me waiting to be used. Hopefully this thread will help me to make the time to do it. I tend to go in spurts when I will do it for awhile and then take a really long break. I only scrapbook my vacation photos though and am starting on my second album when I get back to it. Karen
  8. KarenCM

    Newbie In Portland Or Area

    I would like to thank you for posting about the Low Carb Nation and the Corbett Fish House. I just got back last night from a road trip. I stopped at the Corbett Fish House twice those Cheese Curds are absolutely amazing. Then just before coming home I went to the Low Carb Nation which surprised me actually. I didn't think that they woud have that many gluten free things there. I picked up some groceries and had a pizza and an ice cream sandwich. The ice cream sandwich was such a treat I had to have one since I was there eventhough it was breakfast time. I love this website because I have learned so much from it. Thanks Karen
  9. KarenCM

    Hello! New From Wa State

    The classes are held in a separate building just outside the co-op in the same parking lot. There is a stove top and counter and above is a mirror so you can see all the stuff that is going on. If I tried to make some of the recipes I don't know how they would turn out. I think I will try the rice cripsy treat one as that one seems fairly simple. Karen
  10. KarenCM

    Hello! New From Wa State

    The class that I went to last night Delicious Desserts presented by Tom Malterre and Ali Segersten of Whole Life Nutrition was wonderful. I was lucky that we left home around 3:30 as there was about an hour wait at the border. I had enough time to pick up some gluten free foods at the coop before the class started. I can't wait to try some of them since I can't get a lot of things here in Canada. I picked up a bunch of Lundberg products, Fantastic Food soup cups, and DeBoles rice pasta and cheese. There were about 20 people at the class and thankfully there was enough delicious dessert for everyone as they made double batches for some recipes. The recipes that we received and sampled were Raw Chocolate Hazelnut Brownies, Brown Rice Crispy Treats, Coconut Cashew Cookies, Lemon Blueberry Pudding and Blueberry Fruit Pie with Raw Nut Crust. There was also fresh lemonade, Tom's own chocolate pudding and fresh fruit with cashew sauce over top. My fav 2 were the Rice Crispy Treats and the fruit with cashew sauce over top. Included with the recipes we got was info on using different natural sweeteners in baked goods as well. Some members of the Bellingham GIG were there and I got the chance to talk to them after the class which was great. Hopefully I will be able to attend their event in November. They also let me know of a couple places around town to eat. I just wish I had written down the directions on how to get to them later. Karen
  11. KarenCM

    Hello! New From Wa State

    I will let you know when I get back it isn't for a few hours yet. I am so excited! Hopefully there isn't a long wait at the border. Karen
  12. KarenCM

    Hello! New From Wa State

    The Class that I am going to is tommorrow night at the Community Food Coop. To see the other classes and events that they have go here http://www.communityfoodcoop.com/community/classes.html I'll post how it goes when I get back. Karen
  13. KarenCM

    Hello! New From Wa State

    Hi there! I am not from Washington State but I go there to do some gluten free shopping sometimes. I am going to Bellingham next Tuesday for a Gluten Free Baking class at the Community Food Coop I can't wait. Is anyone else going to it? Karen
  14. I love those cookies my fav are the white sandwich cookies though because they remind me of Girl Guide cookies. Karen
  15. KarenCM

    Restaurants In Vancouver

    Serenity Natural Foods Cafe and Deli is great http://www.serenitynaturalfoods.com/ 3347 West 4th Ave Vancouver BC KacieMarie, I am doing a road trip this summer so I would love to hear any good places to eat along the way in Portland/Van WA I am going to Reno but will defintely be stopping at a few places in Oregon that I have heard of like Corbett Fish house and I just heard about Sunny Valley Wheat Free. Karen
  16. That is wonderful news. See it does only take one person to make a difference sometimes. Karen
  17. Chapman's Ice Cream has some of their flavours labelled gluten free right on the box. I am not sure if they are available all over though as they are Canadian. Karen
  18. Thanks for posting the link to the photos. It was great to see some of the people I know. I am hoping to be able to go next year. Karen
  19. Sometimes when I go to the states I stop at the Community Food Coop, Terra Organica, Barganica, Skagit Valley Coop and there is Outback Steakhouse as well. Hope that helps Karen
  20. I am from BC as well, Diagnosed in Nov. '04. Have you heard about Mountain Top Cafe and Bakery? Petter, how was the conference you went right? Did you see lots of new gluten free products that are coming out? Karen
  21. KarenCM

    Alexia Fries

    Yes you can at least in BC you can Karen
  22. KarenCM

    Gluten-free Vancouver Fare

    Here is the link to a list of restaurants in the Vancouver area put together by people from the Vancouver Chapter of the Canadian Celiac Association. http://www.vcn.bc.ca/celiac/restaurants.html Karen
  23. KarenCM

    Gluten-free Vancouver Fare

    Here are a few choices for you: Serenity Natural Foods deli/café 3347 West 4th Ave Vancouver, BC 604-739-9777 http://www.serenitynaturalfoods.com Mountain Top Café and Bakery 103-1124 Lonsdale Ave North Vancouver, BC 604-960-9605 http://www.emountaintop.com Denman Street Free House 1780 Davie Street Vancouver, BC Panne Rizo 1939 Cornwall Ave Vancouver, BC http://www.pannerizo.com House of Dosas 1391 Kingsway Vancouver, BC http://www.houseofdosas.ca/specialty Here are a few stores as well: Choices Markets this is a great store with a few locations they even have labels around the store with gluten free suggestions and you can pick up a gluten free brochure that lists all the products. http://www.choices-market.com/ Whole Foods Market Park Royal Shopping Ctr Village at Park Royal 925 Main St West Vancouver, BC Capers Community Markets a couple of locations http://www.wildoats.com/app/cda/cda.php?pt=CapersHome Karen I have a bigger list I can email you if you like
  24. KarenCM


    I am Canadian too! Have you joined the Canadian Celiac Association yet? They can be helpful as well. Karen