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  1. Cessairskye

    Weight Watchers

    If you do on-line meetings the recipe ideas are GREAT! Some really good easy to use gluten free stuff. WW really is geared...
  2. Cessairskye

    Weight Watchers

    YAY for you taking even more control of your life! I love weight watchers it is a great program. Are you doing the meeting...
  3. Cessairskye

    More Sensitive Now?

    I too notice more sensitivity to gluten after being gluten free for a while. But, you may look at doing an elimination...
  4. Cessairskye

    Celiac And Major Allergies, What Do I Eat?

    Thank you for the awesome suggestions! I used lettuce to make my sandwich on "deli sammie night" and it was so nice to...
  5. Cessairskye

    For Those In College...

    That is AWESOME that you were able to talk to them and get better than expected results. Many times the food and nutrition...
  6. Cessairskye

    Good Protein Sources?

    Lots of great advice coming your way! I'm glad to hear that your meeting with an endocrinologist and will have access...
  7. Cessairskye

    Celiac And Major Allergies, What Do I Eat?

    I didn't even think about hard boiled eggs :-) yum. I was thinking about trying to make my own vegetable chips too....
  8. I would agree that you would want to have your liver function tested just to make sure you don't have anything major...
  9. Doctors have finally decided to listen to me that food is my biggest health issue. After allergy testing it turns out...
  10. Helllo I just wanted to introduce myself as a new member! My name is Skye and I am from Reno, Nevada. I have battled...
  11. I am a recently diagnosed celiac and learning the in's and out's of this disease is a bit of an adventure. For the...